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The Master of the Mind

The art of communication is, actually, the art of maintaining contact with oneSelf – listening to and identifying the inner voices, and the silence, talking, guiding...

It's the skill of recognizing, translating, and expressing – our insights, our truths, our doubts... When we express things to ourselves, we can show them to others as well, so we speak of the skill of communication. Astrologically it's represented by Mercury, the sign of our mind and of the way we communicate. We all have our Mercury somewhere within us – our own specific way of perceiving the world and ourselves, and of expressing that. A force that compels us to think through, to know, to learn and communicate – to exchange, and also to receive new ideas and new inspiration. Like the fast planet circling around the Sun, the mercurial energy is represented by the Magus of Tarot, the force within that causes us to put our idea into reality. That's what magic is – applied consciousness. When the energy of our inner Magician (Mercury/Hermes) is active and alive in our awareness, we see our potential, how we accomplish our opportunities, and we apply our talents in practice. We act and speak consciously, knowing the power of words, especially thus uttered. The inner Mercury's immense blessing is that he pushes us on – with information, ideas, insights, and all the accidentally received intel – to understand ourselves, our actions, and our underlying motives. To learn the original motivation of our own being, which opens us to understanding anyone else. That's the part of our critical mind that analyses a well-known situation, twists it, and turns it to have a look from different points of view, thus receiving various insights as well as knowledge... It brings experience that makes us engage all our strengths following our will, focusing on the goal and vitally directed at creating our own miracles. The energy of Mercury/Hermes/MAGUS within us is the force of the inner Magician that we use to pass judgments, make conscious decisions: picking for ourselves and wondering whether the thing offered to us is something we truly need or want? And these choices are the thing that carries us forth, into connecting with other people, seeking oneness through a unity of the life's opposites.

Yes, the magic of reconciling the yin and the yang is known to the Mercury within us alone. He's the one who will make us embrace our Shadow because he'll help us understand it; he's the one who will extract the strengths from our vices and virtues into a miraculous and practical concoction of success; he's the one who will speak magic through our mouths – make the words magical and impacting others, for they come from the depth of consciousness. All of this makes him a material part of our Self, a force that's good to know and honour because it is precisely the Hermes within who drives us to development: to set up personal beliefs after we've scanned the existing opinions and norms, to become aware of our own viewpoints and stay true to ourselves, as well as establish our own philosophy of life. In the body on Earth – pure magic. Yes, the embrace of the yin and yang is the happy-zen-end, but the journey to it surely lasts: peppered with challenges, with facing ethical choices, in-depth consideration of things, and inner struggles. Communication with those parts of ourselves we both like and dislike, but that needs our touch of love and peace so we can befriend them. The perseverance and the skill, the wit in the negotiations with all of our faces, and the ultimate self-knowledge are Mercury's gifts. For some, the process is quick. For others, it takes time – depending on their own personal Mercury: A fiery Hermes tends to be abrupt and fast, an earthy one slightly suspended, requiring more time, and so on. However, sooner or later, that part of us is awakened and expressed. OK, not always, no guarantees for that. There are situations when it's blocked and can be released by working on it. The good thing about it is that even when blocked, it screams from the inside, "set me free, set me free," and somehow, one's compelled to start changing. The most famous side of the nature of the Magus/Mercury is the extrovert one – being oriented outwards, into laying out information, connecting people, events, and facts... Wisdom, however, comes from his mystical side, the part turned towards searching – constant searching for a deeper understanding and the desire for truth at any cost. That's when he withdraws to the holiest communication of all – the one with himself – and in the serenity of his personal world he discovers his own truth. All of this makes him the Master of Knowledge, and us – with Mercury thus active and alive in our awareness – Magicians of our own life.

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