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When is the right time to go in a particular direction, and when to stop? What to do to lift up a money flow? How are the possibilities of getting married to a current partner? What is my best next step, and where, to solve a complicated mess of a present life-situation? What are my key reincarnations, lessons, alien forms... are only some of the questions to cast upon with Tarot, most honest, wisest, and straightforward consultant one can ask for.

Tarot is powerful because it speaks with the Language of Eternity - symbols and pictures - signs of Truth Knowledge who, through all&long history of Tarot, no system or dogma managed to manipulate. That is why it doesn't lie: if you wanna truth, he will answer on all questions you cast. It is made from 78 cards, 22 of them called Trumps or Big Secrets (Atus), and 56 of Pips or Little Secrets. Traditionally, Big Secrets represent the transformative Path of a personal consciousness and phases of life connected with it. Little Secrets, through its colors - actually elements: fire, water, air/metal, and earth - show manifested daily life and events in it, also with attitudes, states of mind, facets of ego and plans... This is how, with their combinations, they can reveal everything about everything: scenarios that soul chooses on a path of it's maturing, mind programs created to assist or remove from a person, karmic baggage, dharmic tasks, challenges, "debts," possibilities and ways of freeing oneself. Also, they can give precise advice - when and how is the best way and time to sell a house, find a job, meet a love partner of life...


Although nowadays it looks like there is a lot of information on Tarot, and it looks accessible to everyone in every little shop - tv shows about it are overwhelming channels, and from media, there is an avalanche of promises of a savior that comes through card readings- Tarot's real core is a secretive one. Never forget: it is the ultimate occult, hidden science. Hermetic one. Like yoga in the East, Tarot is in the West. And it is not "only cards." Cards are the perfect medium for such a Knowledge cause you every time they give you a new combination of information. Pretty powerful stuff. Secretive to its core, if you are fair. Same as its origin: scholars discuss that it comes from China, some say India, but the truth is it comes from ancient Egypt, even civilizations before (more about it here). But, nevertheless, from where it comes, it is essential where can it lead, and that is, as Carl Gustav Jung says, into the new dimensions of mind and in life where a person with it has a tool of perfect self-development. This is because Tarot, no matter from which perspective you analyze it, always transcends every system: it's an alive and complex organism.


Whatever life topic is about, the point of the Tarot is to answer one core question: which are practical moves and spiritual insights needed for the accomplishment of the desired goal. This is what makes it a perfect tool and knowledge system for everyone who wants to awaken its personal power of creation and manage its life due to one's own wishes and intentions.

Point of Tarot = Balance:

Cause of the most life problems is energy blocked in specific areas: for instance, in the field of emotions from childhood. Human energy (a mixture of its thoughts, emotions, feelings, and life-creating vibrations in some moment) can stay "froze" in some period and become blockage for it's free going in other directions. That blockage pops up when a man is in front of something he considers extremely important, but nothing goes smoothly. Then Tarot gives insights into places, events, and people where energy remains blocked and ways of freeing it and restoring health in the life of an individual. Because becoming aware of that blockage and letting it go presents a crucial point in man's awakening, and the Tarot shows the areas where focus and attention are needed for big clearing up.


Giving insights into the current state of a person, psychological and energetical, Tarot provides information, directions, and awakens hope by awakening inner wisdom that knows what to do in every situation. This is how it builds the attitude in person that allows it to face any challenge no matter how rough it may be, and keep its consciousness and peace. Besides, it reveals how to create desired circumstances and make success in manifesting goals. It can answer every question, and here are some: • Why can't I find an ideal love partner for life, and what do I have to do to end that vicious circle? What kind of a person is my soul mate, and what is needed to be done for us to meet? • What should I do to gain passion back in my marriage or just do to be happy in love again? • Why do I end up like a victim of people and circumstances most of the time? • What does a particular person thinks about me, feels toward me, and wants from me? • Am I a wounded by some others energetical manipulations, and is that cause of constant jinxes in private and professional life? • What karmic lessons and debts I have to balance to regain health? • How to change things to have more money? • When is the best time to start my own business, how to do it, and who is the best partner for it? • Which soul records I choose to have manifested in this life, why and how can I change some of them?


It is often the case that happenings in the so-called future are created and dictated by unconscious patterns from the past, which is why people say that history repeats itself. But that is precisely the key: if we change that unconscious patterns, programs, and ways of behavior, we can influence the future flow of events. The future is, actually, open book, and an individual has the power to write in it whatever he wants to, and with Tarot, he can find the easiest ways to make that happen. On the other hand, it can peek in a possible record of its life and choose consciously what wants to keep in it, and what to change it. • Which trauma from history I need to heal for experiencing life fulfilled with peace and joy? • How energetically adjust things with someone who is not in my life (deceased one or someone who left?) • Which challenges are in front of me if I choose to go in a particular direction, with certain people? • What are the chances for the success of a project I intend to start? Which are my hidden weaknesses and how to overcome them? • When is the best time to start a new project - what expectations are real, and which not? • What is in front of me - what lessons and experiences - in the time ahead (three, six, twelve months) on my path of self-knowing and overall growth and self-development? • Can I trust a specific person, and what is the most possible development of our relationship (love, business, friendly) in the future?


As a pictorial map of Universe od Soul, Tarot is a guide with a task of showing us how to, from the deepness of subconscious Mind, extract jewels of truth and enlighten shadows for the integration of personality. In that sense, it can be brutally honest, and with its answers, it can disappoint our ego expectations. But, in return, it gives much more: longterm inspiration and support to a person, so one can with easiness and understanding pass through every transformation, knowing how to awaken its free will and power to create life according to personal conscious choices.

Tarot Consultations:

To give you the most possible precise information through Tarot Divination, it is essential to correctly form a question. That is why every consultation starts with defining the issues, and then, upon topic and areas of interest, I make an individual structure for investigation, for everyone. Together we arrange the best option, among a lot of possibilities:

• THEMATIC DIVINATION: a study of one topic that you want to explore in-depth - like love life, love karma, relationship with someone, business and money karma and dharma... any subject in depth.

• PERSONAL ENERGETIC ANALYSIS: look at the whole state of a person, from the level of emotional, mental, etheric, and physical and awakening knowledge about unique life potentials person has.

• RELATIONSHIP CONSULTATIONS: all aspects of relations with other people and possibilities of relations development in the future.

• PERSPECTIVE READINGS: questions on topics (love, job, health, money...) which bring insights into the possible development of the chosen area and it's connectedness with other areas of life, with its influences.

• CYCLE & PHASE READINGS: peek in the next period of life, it can be a natal period (from birthday to birthday), or a new year or any chosen cycle period.

• STAR AND ZODIAC READINGS: they analyze possibilities and ways of transcendence of natal chart settings in psyche and give Tarot interpretation of astrological natal chart and influences

• PERSONAL HEALTH ANALYSIS: of mind and body - actual situation, on what it might alarm, from where it comes, and how to enrich it for a person's own good.

• NUMEROLOGY CODES TAROT: an investigation of a person's numbers and symbols, ways of putting them into good use, and making a vibrational net in place with the number and color vibration.

• DREAM MESSAGES: analyze of information from the dreams.

• SPIRITUAL GUIDES: discovers personal angels and archangels of karma, dharma

• DNA STRANDS: envelopes codes which we have in our DNA, from star ancestors to life forms in the earth.

• REGRESSION TAROT: PAST LIVES READINGS: they analyze main male and female incarnation that has the most substantial impact on the present life, or any embodiment needed to solve actual life situation.

• QUICKIES: LITTLE CHECK-UPS: "Yes" or "No" to do something with an explanation of it and Tarot advice on the case and Checking Situation/Person.

Usually, I write Tarot Consultations because when written, they are of good use for years because a person can refer to then, contemplate them again and again. And we comment it through mails, which is great because it gives time and space to re-read things, rethink them if necessary. But in case you like to talk and listen, we can do Skype Consultations. For written consultations, I need time (seven days after receiving your donation, except if it is an emergency for some case or decision, then we talk that second). Also, I need your date of birth, and if Divination includes some other people besides you (like karmic relationships, new business agreements, etc...), it is good to have a date of birth of those other people. We start with your questions: you write them and send them to me for a topic or life area that you want to explore through the Tarot. Then I do the Divination and send you written Reading, and when you contemplate it, we discuss it.

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