Sun in Taurus

Oriented to economy, the acquisition of wealth, money, land, houses, possessions - material power

Creating, building, painting and architecture, music and singing.

Deep emotions, large hidden energy and passion.

Division between the material and sentimental life.

Corpulence, heavy and sluggish appearance.

Loyalty pleasures, hedonism. Live passionately, all with pleasure and joy.

Enjoys the magic of life.

Sensuality determines will.

The hunger for pleasure creates ambition.

Awareness of the importance of matter and money.

Melancholic and rebellious will that lies melancholy.

The descendants of landowners, owners of castles.

Eager villas and estates.

Bankers, successful financial speculators governors.

People who have a need for power over land, property, money.

The fertile land, fertile fields.

Sun in the House of Taurus (2nd)

Good prospects for earnings.

The bosses, directors, rich and prominent people who want to help.

Gains in financial investments.

The power felt only when government matter.

Then safety eliminates fear.

Descendant from rich people, the successor's successor.

Either saves and accumulates material wealth or spends, invests, casts along - the measure is often not there.

The belief that the power of life - is power over matter.

Banks, credit, knowledge of finance and economics, as well as orchards and barrels of brandy.

Round, round fruits and vegetables.

Thyroid issues.

Round containers in which the food is placed; fields full of food to collect, bars satisfaction, public houses, bars, shops for wine and food, pastry; rounded objects, or baked earth, clay, gold in the bank.

Lust, fascination with beauty and sweetness.

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