Sun in Aries

Fire passion, enthusiasm and euphoria, vitality and optimism, fighting spirit, the will to fight through life and inexhaustible work capacity.

Military and militant occupation, or attitude, as well as the fate of athletes, and everywhere where a fighting spirit, enthusiasm, fanaticism.

Choleric temperament and passions which usually damage the ability to think, but here are the feelings and the will far stronger than reason.

A sense of humor, although the types of the Sun and Mars are serious, honorable, moral, righteous and do not lie.

Secret task is to rule over one's owne temperament All sense of this being is in the act and fight, just when there is a goal that must be reached, when the turf obstacles in the way: then it feels alive. Perks up when someone or something threatens his strength or wants to defeat him.Obstacles and enemies are needed as motivators, action and fight in which his power is expressed as the key to development. Vain to his strength. Therefore, generally values only things for which has to fight - obstacles or enemies as a condition of life. And it's not a win, but winning forever, be it war or work.Overestimates his power and strength full of optimism and enthusiasm. Defeat makes him hurt and angry. He is a Knight, has a Knight's dignity, but also is very childlike in that


The most common male figure, father and military officer and trainer.The genetic descendants of the king, the conqueror.Expressive sight, eye strain. Like organize themselves to organize another.Ball sports, Ironwork, Things metal shining, rounded. Old famous wheel. Gold coins and gold and money made in a time of war or battle. Brave, big, wise military leader or the king of gold forged money. All objects gold-plated, gold-plated metal table, even the throne itself.


Huge sense of the practical, clearly visible reality unparalleled sense of organization of people or systems of society, and immense ability of clear plans.The moral and just, brave, courageous, honorable.A large, striking person, fashionable classical beauty, which radiates their own will, influence. In later life gets fat. Deep, logical understanding of reality.Serious, ambitious people eager to authorities, the rise, fame and fortune. Always acts calm, expansive, aristocratic. The basic characteristics are courage, strength of spirit and body, good nerves, sense for planning, organization, ambition that must be achieved. Always with the help of his father, authority, a man who gives good advice.The basic needs of these figures is to create order out of life. This is a descendant of the prominent, wealthy, powerful people who carries something aristocratic posture and appears with his head raised high. The crown, eyes open and watch without fear in everything that is opposed to him.The tribal chief, an officer of higher rank. Medals, slightly exhibitionist. Theatrical.The cameraman, photographer, filmmaker, politician, organizer, boss.

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