Fire Cleaning

When things get rough, sometimes it is the quickest way to heal them and free them - putting it into the fire.

Light of fire is a mighty one, it cleans everything. And by that, it shows us what is real. The only things that remain after fire initiation are the ones worth keeping in our lives. So, now and then, it would be beneficial for us to put things on fire. We do it on our mental screen: put a project, ideas, family, and other relationships and ourselves.. into the light. Watching and feeling (breathing, by that) fire in every atom of us... from head to toe... fire... and watching slowly how does it change... How a red fire comes from the center of the earth, goes through our legs and first chakra, then in second changes in orange, in a golden one.... going upwards, where it becomes violet golden light which goes through our head, to do sun fire... And then we hang for a second or two in that net of fire, observing a sacred clearing that happens in every atom of us. Fire is a dangerous one: it gives warmth and growth by that but also asks respect cause it can bring destruction. This is why we should think about what do we want to burn in a fire. Or, if we wanna test someone: put it in the firelight. To see the real spirit behind ego and flesh&blood. A laborious process, but yes, we spring renewed after a while. Like a phoenix, ready to soar into new skies.

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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