Colours of us...

We know a lot about acceptance, but still... want to change things. Our ego has a dozen reasons for that: "I want to make it better, more tuned to light&love..."

But in the core of Life, that's a crime. It is like you discover a frog on a lake, don't like it, and use your magic wand to transform it to a dog, let's say... We are doing that to others, but to oneself too. It is excellent when we want to upgrade something or put in line some destructive mechanism we discover in ourselves. But, truth to be told, the real upgrade comes from accepting oneself: one's light and shadow. Same with others.

For instance, you find out someone's true colors are dark... black and muddy... In the name of Love, you want them to make it more transparent, shinier... But what if that person needs to be just like that? Cause Universe and Life are made of yin same as YangYang. Someone goes through their lessons perfectly just because they have their own unique set-up. We might not like it, nor feel like adjusting to it - then it is a clear sign to move away from it, not force way of changing it. I had a client with a problem in a relationship. When we started to work on our treatment, I saw that formation in her aura that was the root cause of a problem and went to remove it. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, Force stopped me: that woman's spiritual guides, and mine to, stopped me. It was amazing like you go with your hand through the air toward the body, and the invisible Force stops you like someone physically stopped your hand. And then they told me "that woman needs her problem, her darkness. It moves her on her search, wanting to solve it makes her grow. You are not allowed to remove it, but you can teach her how to do it on her own". That's how I realized the necessity of having all colors is us. Black sometimes works it's magic better than white. We cannot, and should not, paint everything in one color, no matter how our ego would love it. For instance, new age fans are prone to do it - "oh.... the world would be so lovely if everything and everyone starts ____________ (meditating, thinking positively, spinning chakras.... you fill the line). Of course, it would be easier to breed that way, and for the moment, we would rejoice in our sweet fantasies.. But that is not possible. Yin and YangYang on all levels of Existence, except the Source One. And their dance forms the Magic of Life. Alchemy is all about transforming extremes from one to another... and what should we change and mix if there were only one substance? So, accept yourself - your lights and shadows - they are both your friends. And that's how peace arises, from knowing that we are made of a cosmic substance, we are a unique blend of yin and YangYang...

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