Fertility vs. Failure

You gotta be totally crazy, or brave - and we are both - for that action, but we can do it: cause lightworkers we are. So, at the moment, our planetary team is working on a big part. It is a part of a collective consciousness connected to the principle of fertility.

The trigger is a case that went out in public eye, about Uzbekistan's women - government and doctor's spent years removing reproductive organs of a female population. So, it was one of the worst materializations of darkness. But, as we're living in an Age of Awakening Light, we call upon you to help us bring Light into Akasha, into that pattern of global consciousness, concerned with FERTILITY. Grab up some globe, or an earth map picture, and send light into it with an idea I TRANSFORM ENERGY OF DESTRUCTION INTO ENERGY OF CREATION. And give your breath to it. Feeling your own pregnancy with light, your own fertility. Cause it is not about Uzbekistan anymore - it is about the female principle. And, don't forget - we all have it, in our Soul. You might have had female gender in some of your past incarnations, or you wear it now, even in man's body - you can sense it in your creative and emotional side. So, don't give it "I give a damn" for a case: give it a second, and breath of Light, with clear INTENT: I HEAL MY FERTILITY POWER FOR FERTILITY PRINCIPLE OF ABUNDANCE OF JOY IN AKASHA. Let the Light be In You. A lot of Love. We call upon our international and extraterrestrial team of light for action right now and the instant manifestation of peaceful Love. Jai Guru Deva. Cause, every time you have issues with your creativity, or success, it's due to fertility record. So, breath, and be - ABUNDANT WITH LOVE&LIGHT

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