Love Death: we can do it

It's not one of a favorite Trumps at all, in general. We can bullshit about it's Shiva's energy, the beauty of the transformation process which makes us butterflies - after we've passed a dramatic turnover from caterpillar...

And it's all true. Death, really, brings new life and it's blessed because of it. But, while it happens, it hurts and ruins cause transformation that Death brings is happening through our emotional aura level. That's why we cry. And feel desperate. Old is falling apart from us, like a leave from a tree when autumn comes. But tree doesn't have a problem with Death. Human mind has, because of it' concepts. And an old habit of clinging on whatever is known - although they're not necessarily best for us.

But, we cannot escape Death. It's just a part of Life, as natural law which guarantees Eternity. Ok, fuckinDeath, we can say, we accept you. But, we can also, call upon Death, with love. It is the only force in Universe which gives Feedom to us. And, actually, although our minds can be filled with idea "we love freedom", it's not so totally. Cause we are programmed to be a slaves. In every aspect possible. It is not visible, at first, cause we are living in illusion of "democracy" and other PR stories that darkness has plunged into our Mind. But the truth is that we are afraid of Freedom, another name for Death. Death liberates us. It shatters old patterns like nothing else. That's why it's our friend. And it's the just matter of practice to accept that friend with love. Right now, we have a beautifull opportunity to establish that friendship - it's better for us if we want to, cause it's gonna happen anyway, due to the cosmic forces coming onto Earth.


OK, it's bit scary for Mind to make a friendship with Death. But, with current changes of energy level in our solar system - Death comes to us, like it or not. So, the best way (in sense of smallest damage for us) is to fucking welcome it. Yeah, I hate it too, but we don't have a choice. It's same situation Arjuna has found himself on Kurukshetra battlefield: he's there, in the middle of battle he doesn't want to be, and has a final dilema. Krishna, his Charioteer and Friend comes and says "you do whatever you want to... but remember, at the and, it's going to be my will, Divine Will". Same applies here: we've come to turning end - to pass, like on airport or somewhere where you have to obey the rules... - we have to do some Death's job in our lives. And the area of cleaning is the area at which we are most sensitive to - it doesn't matter is that your job, money, or relationships... Any area that needs cleaning/healing is, currently, under Death's mandate. Anything that we are attached to... so strongly, so passionatly... so addictivly, is going to drop now. Of course that's the reason to celebrate - at the end of it, we'll emerge fresh and new. Or that is the just what we are afraid of?


Whatever is the case - here's the thing: Death is here and the best way to pass through it, with accepting it's gifts is to jump into it. I am telling you, just jump into it. Because, with time passing, you just get weakened and more frightened. So, getthefuckinjump into it. And this is how we gonna do it. You know about chakras, right? Those are energy centers of our body that recieve the ki, chi, prana... universal energy. And through them, we make a connections with World - we communicate, love, have sex... everything happens through charas, initially. So, by radically cleaning them, we open the doors of our freedom. For instance, you have a Love of your Life - really: you are soulmates, totally devoted and in love. But, in that process something more happens: you get attached on levels which needs your healing. For instance, if your inner child is hurt, it's probably that you'll get a lover who, amongst other things, heals your wounded inner child. So, it's also very likely, that the part of your utmost devotion and adoration of your partner will come from that area. And, yeah, the Death healing of that part is, actually, the healing no one welcomes gladly. Cause we get attached to that specific feeling that fulfilling a wound gives us. But, the truth is - you can never feed a wound. It is like a black hole - asking for more and more... The only healing is Death healing. So, please, don't be a cowards... I know it feels like a hurt to let go something most precious in your life, but here's the thing. Love, in time of darkness, looked like we are recieving love from someone else. And that is not true. We just project our's love into other, so we could in mirroring process of relating, recieve it back. But, initially, it's ours love, it's a deed from our Self, which is Love. It's our love, it is We=Love: It is our Self. So, relationships are, in that sense, just an illusion. We are prone to say that The One we're in love is everything we wanted, we needed, it's our precious... And it can be, but just for a moment. When interaction of our energies - throug chakras - happens. Before and after that, it's illusion, and karma&dharma. Which means, it's collaboration, fusioned with emotions, so we could do our earth tasks. In that sense, we should really heal that part of us that feels we could die whithout or beloved, or all other rubish about romantic love. There is just an interaction of our chakras :) With that in mind, I am calling a Death, to heal me, to free me from all my bondings in all area of Reality, all dimensions, all my incarnations and forms. Shiva om.

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