Lovers Cycle 2013.

If thou want to meet your soul mate, you must first meet your soul - we know. And this soul is often recognized only after it mirrors us through - else.

The principle of recognition of sameness, through Diversity - Myself / Self in "other" when running external = internal is energy, the life on which vibration speak Lovers, or Gemini in Tarot cards. And this is the dominant force in the collective consciousness during 2013.: revealing her symbol 6 (obtained from a summed number of digits), which, in simplest terms, says that the time/cycle ahead of us dedicated to the integration of all our yin and yang faces in one's self - the totality of being.

I am Tao

Although, in the current incarnation, it has a body of a man or woman, each of us carries both energies inside. This is because the soul has no gender: it, while entering the body through Eternity, selects various costumes - male or female bodies, the role of victims and heroes, villains, and saints .... all to achieve their maximum in learning its a task on earth. Therefore, at any time, in our minds - that is in us - there is the memory of all these experiences that we played as well as women and men. For the majority of people do not need to remember all these experiences in detail, because they are already stored in his system - the aura, and if need be. For example, in a troubled or life-threatening situation, you wake up some knowledge of martial arts or something, and you do not even know from where does it come... From Eternity, Akasha, Field... of course. But all that is hidden in us - in every cell, DNA, and the aura ... And, to put it simply, it comes to the story of the two poles in us yin (feminine, passive, receptive) and yang (active, active, masculine). Psychologically speaking, the story of our inner man and woman. At its foundation, it is the internal energy that has the vision, idea, creativity (aka Women), and whoever is in the physical practice, through ongoing works to support these objectives (male energy).Therefore, the internal integration actually looks simple: "just" needs to embrace the inner man and woman, which each of us creates itself as One, like the Tao itself. Yes, but... To embrace this is not necessarily so easy - of course, it is always individual, and there are no rules. Still, generally, this embrace is a lifelong challenge because it's not that they need to embrace our inner two faces into one, but hundreds of our faces. Say this: you're in his reincarnation course, a man's body, past experience warrior, statesman, rapists, murderers, professors ... And in the women's bodies have been through an experience of priestesses, prostitutes, artists .... And now, all these experiences are in you: it is easy when an artist in you has to hug, embrace the artist in you, but you have to realize when you hug a warrior, is allergic to any weakness, and shy priestess, sensitive to any vibration of aggression? How will they hug each other without hurting each other in this process? Than harmonize, reconcile differences, use the energy for a creative purpose ... align dictionaries, translations, definitions, and beliefs ... Yes, the drama begins, and the challenge of self-development. Because, there is no growth nor happiness without great hug between all of our men, with all of our women's resources.

On the edge of Mirrors

Basically, we are not aware of all the daily lives of these persons. And that's normal. We see only those we encounter on a conscious level - that is, we know, less than twenty percent. Other delicate rest areas in our unconscious, superconscious ... so when something pops outside fires. In general, be external activation. Because, with ourselves, we can draw a lot, and beautiful and not-so-nice face, but - she always controlled, which we can govern, and even a little manipulated (repressing what we do not like, so unwittingly self-deceptive ourselves that we are something "done "or" let ... "). Because we are only triggered outside can essentially run inside and in a way that is difficult to anticipate or control. Digression, to agree on the terms "outside" and "inside": of course it does not really exist outside and inside, but everything is a reflection of a world, a force of Creation - source. In that sense, someone else is someone else just for the fact that your body has its own specific set of characteristics, ways to think, feel .... But, in fact, we were one being with all the "other" because it is one source. But this is the source, and at all levels in addition to the original - there is a dichotomy pluses and minuses, there is division on "you" and "me," the world outside and the world inside. And just for reconciliation and reconciliation of these worlds specific year ahead, a year lover / Gemini Tarot. It will, as in the collective as well as individual consciousness, triggers coming from "outside" who will run it our hidden faces to express themselves, through interaction with the external trigger "adapt" and thus create harmony again: rather like the story of the priestess and embrace Warriors. Because the main teaching of love is that we are one, in diversity. A lover is an energy that will run this teaching. Because why on earth would you hug so two opposite principles, such as the bloodthirsty warrior priestess and dreamy? First, the only force that love can attract them, "forced" to be, if only for a moment, open the possibilities of a merger, consolidation .... And, when it comes to opening up - he's sharing. Require that, in simple terms, the priestess strengthen and soften warrior .... and a host of other blessings which they carry this "upgrade" - such breeding their differences.

Accepting Contraries = Accepting Yourself

Yes, it all sounds like a wonderful, but that in practice? It shows us most clearly applies. Of course, in essence - the relationship is only one: the one with yourself. But this "room" is the strongest and most clearly reflected in the other, through the eyes of - friends, lovers, co-workers ... Our Self - so richly woven out of a series of vibration and role - we recognize when we see it from the outside, in another, or when someone else is awake in us until then unseen face. These are all situations where we say, "so I did not know / I knew it / can also occur/be like that ..." Of course, we have the deepest mirroring with loved ones, the ones with which we, through the angel of love, open your heart. For the power of love to heal us is the fundamental forces of the Universe: run the finest and most sacred in us, our most saint full face, but - and the other one. So, for example, refers always start in shades of pink, and everything is great, then the next phase will inevitably "hug a demon." Jes, usual people in her escape, or push it under the rug, get away from confrontation... And this year, we have the tremendous psychic power with which we, in all conscience, look into the eyes of his demons. Hug each of them, in fact, all of us. This does not mean that we will fall and rise in love in the year of Lovers as crazy. But it seems more likely that it will be, more intense than usual, situations happen and people who will drive these conditions, and with them our inner demons and deities. What will we learn to accept and others? Because taking another means to embrace his light and dark face - without the need to change the dark, as they adapt to us any more beautiful and comfortable. No, no: Love is acceptance of diversity, with an awareness of the back One originality. Right, we can every time we "fired" think that we fell in love with life, you have found your soul mate and be prepared to change everything that we enjoyed with her. But this is not the first experience of this task before us. The primary mission is to integrate energy and point them to achieving their life purpose. Because, at the level of the Soul - Love drives us, and at the level of the body - Kundalini: the force of sexual energy that we have not been on the throw (ok, and that if we do not have better things to make sense, or did this learning phase). Kundalini is our day, and my heart started, the focus in your goals, your healing... Just because we are the Kundalini rises ... For that alone is essential in the body. The whole story with soulmates occurs just to get through the Love refine and strengthen the achievement of his earthly mission. Therefore it is wise to look at the process of falling in love as the drivers of our inner alignment, aiming Gender harmony in ourselves. Because it will be People-Triggers appear not to realize relationships with them in a classic way, but that we prosecute internal embrace all of the characters, and only with this integrated, we get the opportunity - in physical reality - meet a partner / soul / entity with whom we will achieve in loving, emotional and sexual relationship.

Soul Mates and paths of development

Called - Soul Mates in the Body. Because, when you embrace all of your faces, touch your soul (the one, which of us is the power of Love and initially launched to pool everything in its self) - meet a kindred spirit in the physical realm. She is not one - many are soul mates because of their task development. So, together, we developed - a mesh of sameness, learning through adjustment the difference ... - And then you come to the crossroads. These are those situations when compared to the things that you have shared today, the common language in which you spoke to yesterday, become strange and unknown ... All you need more explanations and translations of who you meant when he said this and that ...So crossroads: Paths of development in relation soulmates are numerous. The most famous is the intersection separation point at which the partners realize that thanks to his love, infinitely improved, but now, well, come to that, to go beyond, to new developments and new healing with new - soulmates. However, not every intersection be separating: there are those to whom came just to revisit old postulates, however even demolish and build a new one. This is, usually, the point in a relationship - where someone flickers not someone else, "a lover" ... or begins to fantasize about the different conditions. This is an opportunity for the new alignment - staying on the same path, and carries ga COMMUNICATION, honest conversation with him, and then his partner. It is impossible to avoid: it is the task to honestly express what you want, what you fear, what you do not like ... This is an opportunity to say what you fear, what you long for ... If swallowed, do not express it - usually gets the next chance, but the point is - when you have cavities, you need to see a dentist sooner or later. You swallow painkillers for weeks, but sooner or later ... dentist's chair. So it is with communication, represented by Mercury, patron of lovers: while in a relationship, you do not learn to communicate honestly, will be repeating the pattern with which you were a partner. So, one of the vibrations which mark the 2013th is the fact that you will overlook opportunities to communicate the most obscure things. I grab them.

Differences game

The whole story of the lovers, soulmates entering the typical way of loving, and intertwines the concept of Gemini. The tarot card that represents a lover is regarded by some authors called Gemini. Because the soul is the principle of overlap - Edit One in Diversity - the same. However, the public is often confused with the concept of soulmates term twin flames. To resolve this issue: the name of the twin fires of the soul shared by all vibrational sameness, drivers. The simplest, like having a ball, which is divided, multiplied, and a part remains discarnate to the higher planes leads incarnated part. Because the twin Fire (Soul) rarely encountered in the physical realm. But it's happening. Bravest. Because it is a meeting of the soul in the physical reality - like an explosion. Beware, we say "romantic fireworks" than a bang. What's going on? The intensity of this encounter is such that it is already in the beginning - rotting aura. Literally and physically. This happens you connect to your apparent differences disappear, so will the idea of ​​"you" and "person" is going to experience the One. Yes, I know, we all want in the body because they do not understand what it means to live in the Body. It is not easy to handle the energy. Therefore, twin flames rarely live wedding in a traditional marriage. Indeed, the need to get away from the intensity of it is - inexplicably (if you have not had this experience) unbearably intense live it 24/7 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) in everyday reality. This is because you feel every twitch of the other person as its own, it is because you do not even have to have sex or physically (can get you destroyed and burned down until the release of all the accompanying psychological materials) - all the time is one thing. To the extent that they no longer know any self-evident fact, Smoothy, your intuition, all you know - you do not know. That's how it happens in the beginning because they take the place of healing: it is similar to a "normal" relationship of love because there is no Soul Mates without intervention Blizanskog Flame: ie, twin flame is reflected through soul mates, so you're always interacting with one aspect.The main purpose of this interaction has to be the development of the soul and healing. Because the primary focus awakened Kundalini in all those areas of your life that suddenly show as dark, or unbalanced. And then sex, not the primary. In addition, the most important is to have a purpose in mind: each of us is in the earth for a particular task. Therefore, Life did not create a new divine Buddha, Jesus, or Mother Teresa - than any of us. This means that we have a special mission, dharma. And so we meet, it's the only reason why the body meets their soul mates or, if the dharma broadband, twin fires. Therefore, whatever energy you çwildé 2013th, whatever you think - you're fatally in love, you can not breathe without the other - take that energy and direct it creatively, and for their common good.

Collective Sexuality: Processes

This process, in which we witness the increased volume during the next cycle, will show us one huge thing. And that is that our sex, our love, our love affair - not blend body, but the soul. You will find, in your personal life, experiences that someone by the hand, or simply hug, and the energy between you moved on to the way that you feel as light-filled your every atom. You do not have to have sex with the traditional way, and you will need: so you will find that the exchange is always spiritual, and energy. Of course, you can eventually penetrate and / ejaculate ... But that is not the primary driver of these exchanges. It will not be possible to do it either. All this just to learn that the real "sex" exchange of yin and yang, not necessarily related to the physical materialization. This is because the process of ascending to power, development, intensified by the fact that we have "passed the door," 21.12.2012., And move on. The long-term plan, because we are in the body and landed here & now, is the rise of consciousness and realization of Self as Beings of Light - ourselves as souls who knowingly uses the body as an instrument. Consciously. It means realizing that love without possessiveness. And that is why we are giving the body - as an instrument, and moving - as a means of addiction. Translation: you will happen upon people who will awaken in you the deepest love and greatest passion. Circumstances will not support that, pardon the dictionary, you fucking like crazy, but our Love & Kundalini point in their dharma - a great achievement of life Himself.

Cooperation of Worlds

​At the societal level, this leads to a heavenly society where love and relationships lead the soul level. In the body, male or female, we have integrated androgyny - bisexuality, physically as well as open the possibility that love exchange with beings of each sex. A politically? How is this transformation going on politically? As for the 2013th, the years ahead Lover also mean years of Mercury. Immediately prophets will say, "yeah, it's time brawl, manipulation, tricks, travel, secret diplomacy, and rollover ...". But the most important thing is the result, and this - collaboration. As you know, many of these years flail about reptiles, the dark germ that manipulates the world... Whatever you call the half-darkness, yin half - sometimes demons, reptiles today - whatever. The point is, there is always some resistance to the forces of darkness. But this year, we realize that is not the goal, nor is it possible, eliminate them. As to remove the night, that would always be the day. No, no ... this year, driven by the cooperation: the integration of opposite principles, for optimal results. So things will look in world politics: a lot of negotiation, bargaining, some cash, commercial solutions ... A lot of new information, some of which reveal the dark old, some that bring new light. Of course, we will balance the levels, assuming an adequate procesuirajući darkness. But we'll finally figure out, ready for 2014. - When followed by concrete action to realize - that our integrity related to embracing the yin and yang. So, let's consciously in that embrace. From Himself. Look in the mirror, dive into your eyes and find that on the contrary, one who is against everything that the conscious and light-think and want. And then ga hug, in the light. Accepting his demons is to him a friend and ally. It is a story of acceptance shadows - you can not avoid or ignore them. What do you do? Integrate it into themselves. And then you're complete, and only then you can achieve what you want - Comprehensive Partnership in Love, cohesive societies. And along the way, be honest, brutally honest (yes, yes, still Mercury) on yourself. Say clearly what you want, not what you want, what you dream ... Remember, during the Mercury, your main mantra is "I communicate with ease." Because of communication .... it is always with you. How you manage to honestly share with you, so you can and with the world. That's why you take the time to contemplative withdrawal and isolation, where you hear yourself and accept its aspects .... Give your business relationships and time for thorough development .... Watch the soul that you move lovers' feelings with gratitude and respect. And that's it - just remember that we are one, in Eternity, but we incarnated because we choose to remember all of this through a game of difference.

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