Still Searching...

... never stop your search... Cause searching is a sign of development...

And it's natural and healthy to feel that you've been lost on that Path.... because when you search you always reach a new level of something... And on a new level, it is still - new... Like in a computer game, or school classes: you could be the best one on a range before, but in a new area you feel confused... which is good: that feeling propels a new growth. On the other hand, the second you think "I've found everything, I get it all," and you stop your search... " you came to the beginning of a real losing - losing yourself and your evolution.

Because mind searching and finding oneself is connected with discovering, but on the other hand, it has a lot to do with creating. These processes come hand in hand: we find out something, and that awakens our ability to create or recreate new us. That's why the searching process should last our entire life. And at some point in it - we just don't know who we are. Regardless of what we've been achieved or what successes we have accomplished, we come to the point of feeling lost. Usually, we hate that moment of not knowing anything. It drives us crazy - until a second ago everything was perfectly clear and now again - blank, who am and what am I going to do pops up in our mind... Well, then we should remember it is the most precious point in our consciousness development: it confronts us with the most fertile field in our mind: a level where everything is a blank sheet which can be painted in colors we want. Don't let the fear paint it black: fear just comes as a reaction to the unknown, but the second you watch that powerful soil, you'll know what you want to seed in it, what now you wanna create in it. Cause from our most profound emptiness, our fruits bloom: so use some magic to help you. * Imagine yourself in a dark cave. Purple candle in front of you on the north side, red candle behind your back on the south, a yellow candle at your right hand, east side, and blue on the west. Then breath in your chakras light of all these candles and gently start to turn around yourself, in a clockwise direction, easy breathing. Do three turns and then one final slow one in which you feel what light attracts you uppermost. Then go to that candle. If it is, for instance, a blue candle on the west, do your turn until then, and stop in front of a candle. Then breath it's light in all your chakras, watching sensations and information. You might get some answers and visions right that second, or later, it doesn't matter - just do your practice. And then give thanks to powers, leave the cave and open your eyes. Become watchful on west directions and signs from it in your daily life - a new roadside for your new search will appear. Follow it:)

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