SKY WHY: Saturn in Scorpio

When I think on a significant, important aspect - Saturn in Scorpio - I see it as a merge of Universe&Death: both represent ENDINGS (and by that, hold the seed of new beginnings) and closing some big circle of Life or personal phase.

The Universe is the last Trump in line, holding its place as a final crown, final materialization of an idea, venture, or personal development. It is a form of most beautiful Saturn: his feminine side, which gives graciously to ones who've passed all challenges of the path. Death, quite similar, although more radical, shakes, and transforms due to its planet holder's nature - Scorpio, and it's sky parent Pluto. But both of them represent finalization, maturity (in Universe with the wisdom of experience fulfilled, and in Death a bit unwanted and painfully (like for a caterpillar is grievous to become a butterfly). In its highest sense, Universe represents mother Earth, whole physical creation, and the principle of final materialization. Death, on the contrary, represents tenet of dematerialization - dropping everything which no more serves you (behaviours, mind patterns, and ultimately body/although in Tarot Divination Death is not a bringer of "you gonna die" news, more "some old you will die, and a new one will arise). And that life code of transformation is most immanently represented by its star sign - Scorpio. Symbol of rebirth and Ascension that happens when Spirit takes a rising path, uncompromisingly changing itself and everyone around. That's why Death is a Shiva's card - bringer of new energy that comes with dying of everything old.

Cosmic Impact: Gea in reSTARation peek

So, what do those two are telling us, and bringing us, with their powerful energies united? Every one of us has them, somewhere in our charts, and every one of us is living on the Planet Earth, right now... So, there is something for all of us. The first thing that comes is opening. It will not come quickly or without challenges that will patiently. How do we know that? Let's remember that Saturn is Sky parent of Capricorn - Tarotically represented with the Devil - and cooparent to Aquarius - Tarotically represented by Star. So, in that sense, our situation with Saturn in Scorpio looks like this: Star + Death = Renaissance and Devil + Death = ooohooohoooo, we have a party, hardcore party here, right? Let's trace that step by step: Star is the principle of rejuvenation, firstly one of spirit. It is connected with the Pleiades, and all souls that came to Earth as volunteers (today known as lightworkers) spent some time on the system, which was the last station before Earth/Gea incarnation. On Pleaides, we've recieved practical mechanisms created to be activated as a when we found ourselves in earth&bodylife greatest challenge - oblivion. Oblivion of Who we really are. So, we did (and still does, especially when stars emerge in night times, peculiarly in our sleep) serious mind reprogramming, including the write-off of some deep karmic debts and soul contracts. And that all happened - on Pleiadeis. So, Star points on that: complete soul renewal, and with that - our and others entire life. It shows one thing - Gea, a Living Planet and our earth Mother, is setting it's a new place in a new dimension. Naturally, again, cause Star is all about teamwork and cooperation: sharing a brilliant idea and refine it with joint ventures, of a cosmic scale. And it will all happen with web system and information shared through the net, cause Star -besides the Saturn as it's sky co-parent, is permeated with the powers of Uran (that's why astrologically represents Aquarius).

Last fight for Cosmic Society of Light

How will it manifest? Of course, through destruction of existing structures - cause Saturn is about structure, but Pluto is ready to shake it. And Saturn, although wise and filled with inner understanding of necessity to rebuild things, is also a slow watcher: it will give a Pluto a lot of hassle, before of final blessing him with licence to destroy. That's why the process will last, take some time, cause Saturn needs to test with patience everyone, including his Pluto sky friend. So, he will do that through his another "child" - the Devil, or Capricorn in it's astrological correspondence. We've been talking about primal Devil function in life here, but there is on more thing about him: he, in his illusion-making mastery, represents the matrix society as we know it. Everything that bonds in material consciousness - from credit cards to administration systems - here he is, just waiting to grab your energy and trick it from the perspective of Love, into a state of Fear (which leads to greed for grabbing/buying love, ambition, and so on...). So, with that aspect of Saturn connecting with Scorpio-Pluto energy, we get a quite hassle: there will be fight, on a society level, but hidden one. Last fight of dark forces, that've been ruling the Earth in the recently vanishing times of murk. They'll try, just by their natural drive, to hold the World in their hands: secret diplomacy and societies (Scorpio is so familiar with hidden things), manipulating with money system (Devil is about ambitious grabbing material wealth) and whole other measures of enslavement will pop up. Until February, as it's peak time (cause February is Star time when new soul help comes). And in the meantime, a few months of serious work is in front of us. Cause, while Saturn came in Scorpio, Pluto came in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn): so we are getting a twin hug here - Pluto and Saturn making a clinch on the sky. Not bad as it looks like, when we remember our joker - the Fool, also another Pluto Tarot bearer. But, a Death represents the deepest, even darkest Pluto force, Fool celebrates his renewal beauty and easiness that comes with it: playful state of mind and feeling of joy and bliss in entering new dimensions, new periods of life. Which promises us that after dark, sun arises. And all this is happening after the last test, which occurs between November (Scorpio time) until the first part of January (Capricorn time), with finalising in February (Star time). Careful observer notices one thing - amongst November as Scorpio and January as a Capricorn time, there is a - new beginning: the new year that naturally, because of the winter solstice, starts on 21. December. Which really promises a new level, unique dimension, new earth, and modern humans. But not without challenges and wrangling, mostly with ourselves.

Kundalini Creation: Divine Humanoids

Cause that new society starts with new individuals. That's why every one of us will pass a massive and final transformation cosmic-coaching, to release it's deepest bondings. To face it's deepest fears and addictions, to be able to release them. And human most profound bonding (inserted in times of DNA manipulation as a mind program) comes from illusion (Devil's hands) that we are separated from Source of Love. That's what makes us strive for it madly, and search it in someone or something else - but mostly, we seek it through our love partners. And that's the place where personal transformations will start to happen: through our sexual energy, Kundalini. Right now, in this peak of the Ascension process, our Kundalini is being refilled with a new energy-light boost from the central galactic system, which causes such a significant transformation in us: awakening consciousness and upgrading our spiritual system. Kundalini fuels with power everything in us: it changes our DNA, raises our awareness, and heals every atom of us. That's why Taoist masters used it for healing and always remaining youthful and vital. The most precise picture of that transformation represents a Scorpio (or taroticaly, Prince of Cups): people born under that star influence know that key point of their success in life is acknowledging and transforming their sexual energy. That's why astrology talks about primal Scorpio, and it's an animal, instinctual part that is driven completely with sexual energy: people who get stuck in that fields remain their whole life on a lower level - basic Scorpions, known for their darkest characteristics (manipulative, possessive, obsessed...). But those who use that energy to transform it into the spiritual consciousness, rise into Eagle, the higher aspect of Scorpio known for its deep understanding and high spirit. So that's the way in front of us: old bonding concept, connected to our sexuality and Kundalini, will be destroyed step by step, just so we could reawake one day freed from it. When we cry out, all ours karmic sorrows (Saturn) connected to it (Pluto). Cause sorrows and fears alway arise when we're losing the old. No matter how much it showed itself bad for us, there is a part in our mind that accepts it, cause it's old and known. And new, jet to come, brimming with the promise of love and light, is a bright idea, but still frightening cause it's something new, and by definition - unknown. But consolations here come from the Fool: final victory is it's, with an omen for us to jump into the new as children, with open hearts full of trust in original beauty.

Personal level: job to be done

In the meantime, here's the thing: the job of removing chains needs to be done. Pluto The Revealer and Eye Opener will give his best to show us where do we lie and bond ourselves (Devil). In that sense, all concepts of relationships will fall out, to move from the prison-like state in which they are now. Every mind concept that came from possessiveness will be radically stricken: Saturn will make it last, and Pluto will give a feeling of "no escape" from confronting oneself, watching your own weakness that bonded you, on your knees probably. Cause Saturn and Pluto share one more vibe: the clean from roots. And the root programs from our collective psyche in its individual form gets stored into our bones, kidney and sexual organs (Death areas in body) and in our stomach and spleen (earth element in our body, Saturn/Devil space) That's why breathing golden, violet and silver light into these areas can do a lot of help, from releasing those karmic auric patterns from it. Also, every physical root in our body (think, for example, teeth, also a Saturnian part) has a nerve in it: that's why strikes (slow and patient, but still strikes) will hit the core center, where memories of whole our emotions (from past and parallel lives rest). Yes, cause Pluto and Saturn to teach by hitting where we are most vulnerable. And, by exchanging our Kundalini (which is, buy the way, produced into our sexual organs), we become most sensible on "our" love partners. Well, that's the area that will be, on a personal level, most struck by these changes. Ideas like "you belong to me," by which you secretly think "you are mine" instead of "I serve you," will be removed. Every grabbing we do in our relationship out of fear, we'll have to let go. Death of old us, for Rising new, childlike ones. Of Divine Humans who ARE LOVE: they know it, feel it, and LIVE IT. And, share it, free of possession driven ambition. Living in communities that form a Heaven on Earth - paradise-like ascended humanity tribes with people pure, openhearted, and blessed as Fool (Pluto), but wise, cause they've emerged from Universe (Saturn).

Numbers Tales: Sacred Codes for Sacred Marriage

Same do confirm numbers, sacred codes of the universe: the whole 2012. The story is about raising consciousness, basically. Energetically stronger for it' reasons, and full of intense light radiation from the central galactic system, it really makes Time as we know it (Saturn) disappear (Pluto) and new dimension emerge, with different rules. The central premise to do that is to become mature and pure, to become healed and whole - like a little, individual Universe, MicroCosm. The story about getting to that level Tarot talks through the metaphor of Fools journey: it tells about different adventures, dangers, and stages that incarnated soul - and total energy, Life in general - passes through Existence. Starting as a Fool, from its pure childlike state, and ending into the Universe (World), completely self-realized... just to jump onto its next round, again beginning with Fool. Sometimes people need lives, sometimes years to pass that journey. But in the time of all this year, and especially one in which our now, our maturing from Fool (number 0 in Tarot) to Universe (Tarot number 21) takes almost no time - it's literally like you have to grow from the moment of your birth to your 21. birthday in 21 days. Yes, that's kind of maturing ahead of us. So, let's prepared, cause we have a sacred omen of triumph. It comes from a sacred code we get when we numerologically wed Saturn and Scorpio. Tarotically, Saturn/Universe wears number 21 and Scorpio 13: when we match them (21+13) we get a 34 = 7, which is Chariot. And by that a blessing which says that in spite of our fear, or any potential emotional disturbances, we'will win. Cause our Consciousness of Light drives our carriage (body, life, decision), and because Light Families on the whole Earth (represented by Cancer, astrological holder of Chariot Energy) are united and will be connected through new bondings - that made of Light, amongst our hearts.

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