I see you, when you don't see me...

I just knew... he's gonna cheat... I cried a week before... Tarot told me..., and then it happened :) Trust yourself, is my eternal message

I see you... when you don't see me I read your Mind, when you're planning your strategy and just know where were you that Time ago but I don't cry because of the Truth I gladly give thanks to Universe cause I've cried us out before it happened

​And still grateful for such a Love that you brought One for Me falling love in Myself like never before So, yes, we can remain, friends, just don't try to hustle something cause that' the blessing of being psychic you just know things and see not pleasant always, but you get along with it So just don't talk, and don't think how to twist me just be a neutral friend and we'll finish our karmic bizz I'll remain virtuous you stay silent about everything cards gave me a second opinion I ask what are you doing - 3 of water came to me With whom - Lovers whispered secretly So, let we depart in silence Admiring what we've had while we were we and now I'll disappear behind my veils waiting for Lord of Love exclusively

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