Shadow Dance

​Our real power comes from acknowledging our Shadow. Usually, we are not prone to do that cause we are afraid of our darkness. But this is only because we don't know it - once we get a friend with it, it becomes our most excellent protector.

Because it knows life other-sides, demons, and powers from the wilderness. It helps us, more than anything, to awaken powers of intuition - cause where the Light shines, but in darkness?

So, our today practice might be this: 1. First, we acknowledge our Shadow consciously: take a black and a white candle, and go in front of your mirror. Turn on the black candle and through its fire look into your eyes. Don't be afraid of what you might see - it is your Shadow: the devil in you, someone possessive or greed for love, power, someone revengeful, someone full of lust.. just watches it and breath. When you see all faces and feelings that come out, collect them in one big picture and breath in a flame of fire than turn off the candle. Then, turn on the white candle: project yourself through it's flame into the mirror and peer into your eyes (while breathing all the time) watching positive images of you - your angels, saints, masters... all of them in you... When you've completed that, which will you know by feeling of fulfillment and peace, collect all those images in one and inhale it through the flame, then turn the light off. 2. Then, when evening comes, it's time for ritual dance. Moon is falling, which is a good time for releasing things we don't need anymore. Also, the day of Mars... good for confronting with another side, awakening inner Warrior who dares to look every aspect of life. So take a quick check of anything useful to your soul and growth once - thoughts, feelings, people, patterns... - but are not anymore, you've outgrown them.... and call your integrated sides to drop it. Turn the lights off in your room, lit a violet or white candle, and find a position in which you see your Shadow directly. It might be on a wall or floor. Stop for a second and watch it. Observe it's chakra centers - sense materials and information in it. Feel it, and feel where are elements that you want to release... Then start breathing, smoothly turning around in clockwise direction, three times... and then begin to dance with your shadow, projecting from your palms violet light in shadow's chakras... In the end, you'll feel that you and your shadow become friends.. Have that in mind and enjoy your yin and yang sides :)

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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