Show Strength

To show strength is to endure through rocky times in life with a gallant spirit.

With a feeling of unshakable resolve to go despite setbacks, and with stamina with its inner beasts and demons. Because Strength implies patience: to deal calmly with frustration, the power of spirit is needed. The same is required with accepting others and refusing to get angry with people and circumstances of life. Strength is a virtue of pure heart who is compassionate enough to understand what others are feeling and give them lots of space... and the same strength makes us to forgive imperfection, with a deep understanding that we are perfect in our imperfect condition of being. Just as we have to be.

But also, strength is that power that makes us self-control ourselves: which lets our ego to be guided by our divine mind, our higher Mind. And with that, we can achieve the ability to influence the world: only with the art of tempering forces, inner and outer, with benevolence, we demonstrate the real strength - the one of Love. Only with Strength we can tide our demons and dark side, and make it our friend. It produces wild passions transformed into allies. It turns destructive powers into creative forces with which we construct our lives like a piece of art. All that power comes from the heart and reproductive organs. They nurture memories of whole reincarnation experiences connected with giving new births in our lives. Because in the sacral chakra, that power dwells: creative and procreative energy held for higher purposes, ready to be transformed through the heart and then directed into some original venue of life. Of course, it asks some struggles from us: to tame the inner beast isn't an easy job. But definitely, it'is the only one that needs to be done to make a unique mastery of oneself and one's individual earth life. In shaman traditions through the whole world, our shadow tamed is the key to any success in life. When you get friendly with your shadow, she stops frighten you and starts to be the assistant of a first-class. In that sense, The Strength is the vital energy to be integrated into one's life because shadows are always alert, ready for some of their fun attacks. It is a kind of training in life. So Tarot Strenght says: dance and is creative, as a way of enduring through your passions, so you could clean them and lead from dark to glowing one. This is how we should do with Strenght power in us: breathing golden light into our sacral chakra and a heart.

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