We walk alone


Hymn to my beloved friend, love, adorable little panther




Me and my cat

my protector from darkness

that holds me through World

giving me Strenght

to overcome those earthly passions


we walk alone through the Path

She guides me through my deaths

and helps to overcome emotion games

teaches how to enjoy being alOne


and when dreams get their darkest note

she comes to give her love and touch


When I get so lost,

WizardCraze comes

understands crying and painfrom human heritage here I wear

and helps to loosen its grip

move it rapidly and cut in


Just two of us,

no illusions about the human race

no fantasies about the perfect man, or loyal friends

just so alone, and so aware

that Strenght is to create

with powerful energy we have


So we walk, and talk, in silence

with tears, or meows

contemplating the idea of blood

when her claws get into the flesh of mine

in the game of life's fight

where she reminds me

that Mother Nature Devi

has a cruel face too

cause everything is in balance

nurture and annihilation

happens in circles


Then we watch the rain,

meet a women and men

but after all, so deeply know

we are alone

mirroring moment and eternity in our eyes


feeling the Time, and it's strange pass

When it will happen?

Our comeback home...we sometimes wonder,

but still, know

we don't have to go anywhere

have it here hidden in just one touch

of lion love, in our bones



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