The Magic of the Moon

Being the High Priestess of one's own life means, besides everything else, working with the magical energy of the Moon. Understandably, we are inclined to complain under the strong oscillations that the Moon's energy evokes in us and to justify intense emotional reactions by it. However, this takes so much power away from us. So the wise aren't controlled by this energy; instead, they use it... just like the High Priestesses and sorceresses do, in all cultures and traditions.

When the moon waxes, everything in the universe grows alongside it, so energetically, this is a perfect time for "planting" ( affirming anything we want, and starting new projects). When the Moon wanes, that is an optimal time for letting go of anything that no longer serves us (quitting smoking, healing from addictions, and letting go of unsatisfying relationships). The Moon, is, in fact, the symbol of the primary feminine principle in us that is represented by the High Priestess. This is the force behind all our subconscious knowledge, the main strength of our intuition. She represents our in-depth knowledge expressed through the intuition, but also our emotional oscillations that are shown through fluctuating emotional states. She teaches us to differentiate between intuition and feeling. Intuition is, in fact, very calm. Like the High Priestess, portrayed on symbolic tarot cards, she sits calmly. She is quiet. She does not yell. The emotional part of us mostly screams, like part of an activated program of the mind. Intuition does not provoke emotion, it gives knowledge. The feeling isn't calm. It is always packed, it still echoes loudly and has its own color. Intuition does not have color. It is transparent, clear, it just is. Emotion is always either full joy or despair and grief. It is always in the extreme, or somewhere in between two extreme states. Intuition is not. It is quiet and calm. It does not evoke peace nor turmoil. It just is. The Moon invites us, when the outside emotional storms under its energy are the strongest, to reach within our peace and within ourselves. This is how we find all the answers within us, within our High Priestess that is within us. The High Priestess is also a Sorceress. She is the one who deeply feels all emotions but is simultaneously aware of their path, and intuitively knows how to work with them. She holds the knowledge of their vibrations. In this way, the month of May represents the sorceress (the Moon) through these star combinations. II Medicine Woman 7.5 is the Moon's first quarter in Leo. The daily aspect of the Sun and the wounded healer Hiron and Mercury in Gemini invite us to do spiritual work and are, therefore, an opportunity for affirming one's own courage and fertility. We plant the seeds of our creativity and joy of living by using the golden light to fill all our organs, especially the heart and spine, and our chakras. This is the energy we get when the High Priestess of the Tarot combines itself with passion. This is the energy that awakens the strength of our hearts, which strengthens the feeling of unwavering determination and gives us the power for courageous living despite all obstacles. It makes us durable and able to calmly forgive ourselves and the world for imperfection. In turn, we can strengthen the force with which we influence the world and to receive the strength to tame the wilderness with goodwill. 14.5 is the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio on the bright star Agena in the constellation Centaur (which also represents the healer Hiron). Deep inner cleansing after April's Great cross and release, which is supported by the combination of Neptune, Lilit, and Mars in conjunction with Uranus in a square with Pluto and the full Moon in conjunction with Saturn. Therefore, this is the most significant force concerning energetic surgery by which we unmistakably have the opportunity to cleanse away our deepest wounds and toxins, especially in the area of sexuality and attachments. This happens spontaneously, by the awakening of intense passion. It is wise to direct this energy into healing one's own sexuality, in this and all past and parallel lives, by drawing our reproductive organs. We first find a picture and trace it and then color it with the colors that we feel were intuitively sent to us for our own healing. In this combination, High Priestess is with Death, the deep inner strength that gives birth to the new within us and to the skill of withdrawing energy from other dimensions. This is because the High Priestess reigns over different life phases. This is why she is considered a Goddess and is connected to childbirth. This is where we have the chance to give birth to the new and to all the psychological gifts we wanted. 21.5— Last Moon quarter in Pisces is the optimal time for releasing ourselves from the influence of astral attacks, telepathic technology, and mind and dream invasions. This is the time when the Sun is on the Pleiades star Alkion and in Gemini. This is the time for releasing old chains from the throat and throat chakra, which is, after the solar plexus, the second chakra affected by manipulative technology. So this is the month od the Moon's waning and is an excellent time to do exercises for releasing the old. The High Priestess in Pisces is the Priestess of the dark Moon's expanses. During this time, we are healed from all the experiences we gained in lives where we learned through dark magic. This is where the High Priestess cleanses us from guilt tied to using plants as poison and then transforms them into the seeds of light that will grow for the healing of our minds and bodies. 28.5— The new Moon is in Gemini, on the star Prima Hyadum, in a square with Neptune. This is the time for rest, stillness of the mind, and of only speaking things that are of importance. We raise awareness in our monkey minds and take control of the tongue. When we feel as if we are on a crazy high, as if we are walking in a surrealist labyrinth.. instead of scrolling away on facebook or speaking, we need to pay attention to our inner stillness. This is when we need to lie in a warm, sea salt bath and rest, paying attention to our thoughts as they appear and waver. This is compassionate energy; deep, intense, and compassionate during which in calm reflection, we bring to our awareness how, where, and why our idealism was impractical or misused. The wild stars of the Hyade can make the mind go wild, but the best direction for this is artistic expression and acceptance of the fluidity of life. A big part of healing is also dancing to one's own visions. The High Priestess does this in an embrace with the Lovers. She teaches us calmness and quiet while we are mere spectators of the minds dialectic, as we watch her shift from yin to yang. She stays quiet while the mind chatters "yes" or "no," and while it continues to dispute with itself. From the silence of a spectator, it understands the truth. Under the influence of the Hanged Man (Neptune), she needs a little conflict with herself until she can reach the depth of calmness from the highs of crazy, hallucinogenic battle to the most profound insights. To enjoy the whole specter of May's colors is the message of this month. It will show us how strong and flexible we actually are. To heal and complete our sense of sexuality, fertility, creativity, and to let us mature on a new level of our inner Goddess is the greatest motivation during the Moon's waxing. Letting go of anything that no longer serves us is the crucial motivation during the period of the Moon's waning. The guide for the rest of the Moon's magic: When the High Priestess is in Aries, it is a good time for invoking (either through clearly setting an intention, affirming, contact with the Higher Self) strength and success in dealing with authority, the strength of rebirth, growth of the inner guide or healing the face and head. When the High Priestess is in Taurus, it is a good time for inviting in love, money, fertility, and healing of the neck and throat. When the High Priestess is in Gemini, it is an optimal time for communication, writing, travel, and healing of the lungs and hands. When the High Priestess is in Cancer, it is an optimal time for creating success in the home, family, and healing of the stomach and the chest. When the High Priestess is in Leo, it is an optimal time for invoking one's own authority, courage, creativity, and healing patterns with the heart and lap. When the High Priestess is in Virgo, it is an optimal time for invoking employment, healing, slenderness, and healing of the nervous system. When the High Priestess is in Scorpio, it is a good time for invoking one's own personal power, mental and spiritual growth, healing of the reproductive organs, and releasing trauma from rape. When the High Priestess is in Sagittarius, it is a good time for invoking happiness for travel, success in sports, awareness of the truth, healing of the liver, and letting go of anger. When the High Priestess is in Capricorn, it is a good time for invoking organization, strengthening of ambition, career achievement, and healing of the knees, bones, teeth, and skin. When the High Priestess is in Aquarius, it is a good time for awakening one's own scientific knowledge, the awakening of freedom, and a friendly attitude towards creation, letting go of bad habits such as addictions and healing of the joints and blood. When the High Priestess is in Pisces, it is a good time for music therapy, awakening of clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, and healing of the feet and glands.

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