Faces of Love: Magic

When our love is dominantly colored by the vibration of Magic or our relationship is in this phase, it's the period when our relationship is channeled into its higher and deeper forms through an open exchange of new ideas, however unusual they may be.

Usually the ideas come from other people because when the vibration of Magic pervades our love, our relationship, it means that by our loving and exchanging our sexual as well as additional energy, we have raised each other's vibration to the point in which we are enchanting, not only to the partner but to the world. That's the time when our charisma arrests people, our voice is honored, and we have an almost hypnotic effect on others. This is a period of opening to new ideas, and new people who enrich our relationship with their notions. Usually, these are beings whom we know from our incarnations in Atlantis and Egypt, and we are linked by our shared experiences of the magic of consciousness – the skills of learning to build up our own Will and to manage it, as well as to materialize ideas. This, naturally, always involves both the light and the dark side, or our white and black experiences. Therefore, in this phase, some ideas can be brilliant and enlightening, and some frightfully selfish... The essential thing is to exchange them openly so as to separate the wheat from the chaff, to discern what the real insights are, and what is paranoia.

This kind of communication, besides shifting a relationship into a new realm in that phase, also deepens the sense of connectedness and belonging. The phase of Magic is a marvellous phase of new opening - for at this time it's crucial to verbalize all the insights as well as the fun and games of our mind, whatever they may be, because they are the challenge and the cleanser of the old concepts on which the partnership might have been constructed. But, as we are not today, the one we were yesterday, so we are not the same as at the moment of consciously and sub-consciously forming the partnership. Therefore, here we learn to re-establish our relationship with the new – some new thoughts are propelling both the partner and us through the mental field... Whatever their messages, it's crucial to regard them as games, and perceive the relationship as a giant cosmic poker with an indeterminate ending. For the significant matter, we're becoming aware of at that moment is our Will: the Will according to which we formed the relationship, according to which we modify it, or end its poetic form to shape it into something different. Shadows of this phase creep out when people stay mum. That's when one of the two starts to dominate with their new behavior originating from new ideas. At first, the other compromises and strives to catch up with the news and adapt, only to trip and fall disappointed, and feeling manipulated and deceived. People take communication lightly. They claim to communicate openly, making their talk of technical, mundane things as sufficient exchange. But – that's no communication. Real connection is an open sharing of our inner processes, thoughts, and feelings. It's not the obsessive reporting on each and every flutter within and talking the other person's ear off. Instead, it's disclosing of our significant insights and flows, whatever reiterates in mind. It's important to convey it – even if you think the other side might feel uncomfortable hearing it. Also, if you're afraid of saying it - write it. But plainly – express we must, for this takes our development out of mothballs.

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