Balance Yourself

Cause balance is the key to happiness!

Now and then, it is wise to review all our life contracts, not necessarily legal ones but ones that your soul agreed when coming into this incarnation. They can be love arrangements in a sense how much you give and receive in a relationship or business contracts - do you feel like having a jinx of working too much and being underpaid? Lacking real richness in the sense of time, private one? All contracts should be reviewed now and then cause it is legitimate to change them. So be brave and bold and take your right to create yourself and your life: take into account all that you don't feel truthful and compatible with yourself and cut that away so your new harmony level is achieved and better balance comes in place. Cause balance is the first law in life: when it lacks in one area, it affects another one. And, if ignored for some time, it causes ruins and health deterioration. That is why we should keep an eye on it like we watch our diet and some other routines: measuring gently are we adjusted in what we give and what we receive.

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