Use Moon...

In a time like is now...

...when the Moon is in Leo, it is wise to use the power of emotions because they can swing intense for:

☆ HEALING HEART: a lot of all unprocessed wounds remain stuck into the heart and solar chakra, so block the humans from new experiences of joy. So, put your palms onto these chakras, relax and breath golden violet light for ten minutes in them, through your palms, to heal those shadowy, problematic materials of the psyche. You will have a stronger effect if u do that in a bath.

☆ CREATING ART: It is essential to express your emotions constructively, so be an artist with your life. Take crayons and draw your affirmations, or emotions healed... whatever comes to you.

☆ ENLIGHTENING DEEP: In these times you can go deep into yourself without being afraid, so do it - watch yourself in the mirror, into eyes, and observe your thoughts... then breath the light of fire from golden candle or sun into part of the body where you sense some sensations run.

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