Stable in swiftness

When you have stability...

... world can jump in all directions, and you dance with it, not break because of it.

And stability is not something you have by birth: like, some people have it, others not. It is something that is build, with skill of discipline and practice. Any little practice you do, strenghtens your feeling of being grounded: that's why nourishment of good habits means a lot. It is like a tai ji practice: you swirl in all directions, but firmly grounded on your feets and knees.

Same in life - when you are stable, all swirls turns out to work in your favour cause you have trained yourself to swiftly adjust in any change, not to fall in panic because of it but remain your cool and look at the things with ratio and logic.

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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