Connected Souls

While society with all it's collective mind blockages...

... and restrictions can hinder your freedom and sense of personal creative power to grow your own way - spirits of collective soul can help you free yourself - you just have to tap in that area of Colective Wisdom Mind and seek for a guidance. Sense it.

That is so because knowledge on truth remains in ancestors souls and in akasha so you just have to tap there and a rich lineage of tradition wisdom will present itself, from any area you choose. Of course, for that you need to be energetically pure, so do your light body - chakras.

And it is worth it cause that is how you can, connecting with your ancestors and finding your own voice and specific way to create yourself as an individual help make new community on Earth made of awakened individuals who share heart consciousness and love, emphaty attitude.

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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