Emotions as revealers

When you are looking for hidden motives...

... or intentions of someone, pay attention at the level of their emotional fullfilment, not their words and mental concepts or ideals - cause emotional level of a person's integration is what propells it to do things.

CASE: Woman is concerned because friend on facebook - man in whom she's interested romantically - has a cold response to her comments on his posts, or ignores her completely. So, yes, obviously he's not that into her, but she wants to know why is that, cause she is always so cute and smart (as she thinks he loves it), in right measure. So we ask Tarot what is he thinking about her.

TaroTalks: He totally doesn't believe her. Somewhere, deeply, vibrationaly and mentally she reminds him on an experience where he was lied, on a person who played him out, having an affair and cheating on him. She sees that my client is beautifull and smart, but in that package, for him that is turn off. Even swirling his anger toward her, and coldness - that's when he ignores her. So yes, best would be to move away, cause 7 of swords isn't a promise things will go better soon.

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