No-action as best action

Sometimes is the best action...

...peacefull emphathy - observing things from distance buy with full sensing and understanding.

CASE: Woman recognizes man with whom she shares vibration and, she believes, soul lineage. She is convinced they, as a souls, come frome same Earth incarnation schools. And would like to contact him over the social net.

TAROTALK: Says not to. At least physically. Cause they are already communicating on astral levels.

Comment: I know that every reader would translate these cards as yes, so why no. Well, first of all, it was my first impression. And cards were "hanged" (reversed). But also it has a sense cause she vibrated on the topic overly exited. She is a great psychic herself, but lot in charge of her emotions. So yes, there is a huge possibility she is overreacting with that guy. Their relationship (if it exists from his side cause he doesn't know here more than having her on facebook friendship list) should remain astral one, cause it awakens her passion and gives her new ideas (she says that, but also Tarot through Ace of Wands). But that's it - no mailing or inbox attacks ;)

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