Developing intuition

The way to strenghten your intuition... to take a little pauses to reflect your inner world, to sense your silence and spent some time in it.

Intuition speaks in silence. When you get used to it's silent voice, you can sense it even in hardest noise. But for developing itself, it needs peace. It needs your dreams, where it can present it's vibration to you. And it is important to meet your intuition. Not confuse it with emotional informations: main difference between intuition and emotional projection is that intuition is a peacefull. She isn't swirling thoughts, nor paranoias. She just says what it has to and you remain cool, gratefull for information, but peacefull. Emotions, on other hand, propells emotional reactions: when you have a vision and it triggers your fear, for instance, it is not an intuition speaking, it is a emotional projection, or some astral information picked up and manifested as a "personal vision". It is not.

So, in order to differentiate those two - spent some time alone, meditating and contemplating on those, at the first sight very similiar, but actually totally different vibrations.

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