The Return of Power

It’s true that the universe is holographic, just as the physicists are saying. In spiritual terms: All that exists is created by Consciousness, the Awakened Consciousness.

In that sense, everything is an illusion- an optical “illusion” of sorts, except Consciousness itself and its immanent impulse of Creation. So when we know this, why should we fear?

Sure, we can’t rule out that the interchange of light and darkness taking place on the stage of Eternity at the point in time where we are right now (2012- the year of the Dragon), has been happening with stronger intensity than ever. On the one hand, we’re going through authentic spiritual experiences and then, on the other, we suddenly receive information saying that everything is a lie because the dark powers are manipulating our minds with superior technology as well as their indestructible plan to conquer planets. Sometimes this dichotomy has gone to such lengths that, for example, people had just become aware of their innate powers and then the burning of witches started… With the eras, the scenery changes, too. Just as in theatre, where each new scene demands new costumes, encouraging a new story to develop. Still, the essence remains the same: this whole interchange of pluses and minuses is completely aligned with the polarized mode of existence at all levels, except at the level of the source.

The point is this: no one can harm us, except ourselves, or our minds and the Consciousness within us. That means that we ourselves CHOOSE our own truth, and we CREATE our own REALITY. IN OTHER WORDS- THE POWER BELONGS TO US. There’s no need to give away this power to some outside sources, as papers left to be carried by the wind. Ok, perhaps we can’t influence the toxins being added to the food we buy in our grocery stores, or the vibration of the news in the papers, or any other energetically contaminated waste around us. But, we can influence our own experience of it and our attitude/behavior towards the phenomena.

And the experience is, as we already know, the power of the Light within that helps us enlighten everything that we lay our eyes on, whereby we then consciously breathe out Love into them. This is actually our manner of behavior. No matter what happens we should know that the truth is within us and that it’s easy to recognize it. Everything that brings about peace, the feeling of relaxation and trust- is our truth. Everything else is worth dismissing- by dissolving it in light and letting it go. Now, all the manipulations announced by the media- everything from projections of spiritual leaders in the skies through the landings of all kinds of aliens, to massive manipulation of people on the planet… without going even further: ALL OF THIS WON’T BE POSSIBLE if we BECOME OUR OWN AUTHORITY, relying on the truth within us, the truth revealed by a feeling in us. Then we won’t trust pieces of information we’re receiving from the outside, even those received through the most “reliable” channels, such as our eyes and ears. At that moment we trust our inner eye, the voice of silence within and within the whole system of our Inner Being, our true leadership.

Yes, that’s exactly how we’re going to do it during this Life. In Joy and Thankfulness for the POWER TO CHOOSE OUR OWN ATTITUDES AND CONDITIONS: the ability to choose celebration, health and laughter; for what is more valuable than that? Because, we’re reminding you, THE LIGHT HAS WON. In this phase of space and time this is so. Actually, we don’t have much of a choice- as Krishna says to Arjuna in The Bhagavad Gita: “ no matter what you choose, in the end you are going to choose according to me.” The Higher Will, the Higher Self will always win: breath, Light and peace will activate it.

Creation of Love

We are safe because EVERYTHING IS DIVINE CREATION, everything is a CREATION OF LOVE. In that respect, there’s nothing to fear. If we ultimately perceive fear as a creation of love intended to help us learn something from it. That’s the reason why we are safe and can relax. That’s maybe even our greatest task in these times because we are also aware of the other polarity - we are aware that people walk around us looking as if the last chord in their system is being pulled. The pressure is heavier than ever, to the extent that a simple walk to a nearby grocery store is perceived as being dangerous because of the vibrational contamination in the surroundings.

And that is exactly why to you (our Family of Light) the training seems heavier than ever, but we’re in great shape (we’ve been doing this for thousands of years). Our task now is to walk down the street in light, to breathe light into the hearts of everything and everyone that we meet (trains, public places, offices, everything…).

This is our continuous healing exercise… Being aware of the fact that we are powerful BECAUSE WE ARE DEVOTED TO OUR HIGHER WILL OF LIGHT AND DIVINE TIMING. Being aware of this fact is our heart’s joyful rescue.

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