Stay free!

Your wilderness..

...will save your heart from imprisonment, and keep your creative energy alive.

Being wild means to be in touch with your wild nature - that ones that make you jump onto the snow, dive into the water, dance in the rain and yell if necessary. It is part of you that doesn't care what other people will think, so it is not bound by them. It is tamed only with a gentleness and understanding.

It is your wilderness that keeps you thinking outside the box; look different and originally, be crazy creative and fulfilled with trust in yourself, your inutition and instinct.

So nurture your wilderness and don't sell it ever. People sell it for cheap, for some image or job in coorporations or another game of matrix... And by loosing it, they loose their core. Their passion. Don't do it: the second you recognize anything or anyone is killing it or trying to "put you in order", show your teets as wolf would, or put out your crawls like feline does... and remain yourself and wild!

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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