Retro Magus

Almost notorious Retro Mercury comes again, planning to swirl with collective and individual Minds from January 5 until 26: in general, when that happens (and happens three, sometimes four times a year), astrologers give warnings to be extra careful with concentration, travels, communication.

Because, yes, it hits its area of Mind on a mode that we are not used to – if usual (direct) Mercury gives clarity, quickness, and rationality, then turned one provokes opposite qualities. And it is not bad at all cause it has its function, extremely precious for mind integration: it is observation and usage of subconscious wisdom. Tarot explains that perfectly: in it, Mercury is represented by a Magus, that part of our mind which is aware of its tools, talents and knows how to manifest ideas into physical reality. Part of us which knows precisely right words to say and best way and time to do it – if it is a salesman, it is one able to sell ice to a penguin. Such a power it has. But still, it holds it’s power even when reversed, what happens with Magus with Retro Mercury times. And if we know how to recognize that power, cause it gets little shady on that periods, we become able to grasp most of it, even more than usual cause we become able to pond into that deep, hidden levels of Mind. A quick trick is to calibrate oneself for dreamlike states of mind and operating like you would in them: pretty irrational, prone to change direction if needed, very slow and cautious of every sound trusting your insights and not be feared by shadows that pop up. More precisely would be to see where Magus wonders this time: and it’s retro party in Aquarius starts.

Now, that’s a wonderful time! Aquarius is Tarot Star which means that RetroMagus there will bring us back to our celestial origins if we let him ponder deep enough. As you know, most of the human race came from stars. Not literally everybody, but with a DNA manipulation that our celestial ancestors made when coming on Earth – it happens to everyone. So here and now on this planet, we can say that we have, in incarnated form, a souls that came on Earth from other planets long time ago cause they were forced to; then a souls who came from other planets as volunteers (for times of need to confront bad guys); also, two basic lineage of human race’s development – ones who come from a DNA manipulation where DNA remained whole while mixing celestial beings with humans, and others who came with a DNA production from broken edition (whose DNA’s strands were, in that mix manipulation, dispersed and some cognitive abilities annihilated with that). Talking about DNA manipulation, when you think Tarotically – Magus is the first one who comes to your mind cause yes, he is a scientist that has a knowledge of mixing things, he’s the person in lab who is going to experiment because he is curious (think tv show Fringe) and ready to jump into whatever manipulation is needed for a new discoveries. Also, isn’t it that Aquarius - Star in Tarot– is one who pours celestial fluids onto Earth? It’s ruler Uranus, too eccentric of a kind, just like his fellow friend Mercury, is so prone to experiment with a new kind of anything that comes. So yes, we have a very beautiful opportunity to reunite them now consciously in our Mind and lives. To fix personal and collective damages and traumas and by that seed best Star qualities in Aquarius era (that is happening now and for the next 2000 years).

Now, back to a retro party that is due to last for the next 20 days. When knowing that on this or that level, we all share a star origin - celestial ancestors - we can perceive that we all have in common is a transition trauma. Those celestials who came on Earth have a wound of getting into a denser dimension, and those humans have an injury of playing with their DNA. And that is precisely what present Retro Mercury can heal – or give us the ability to heal in our Mind – the trauma of unpleasant travel (change) from one place/dimension/state to another.

And again, we have the answer in Tarot: the card that unites Mercury in Aquarius is a 6 of swords. It talks about transitions, changes… Travels across the water – literally (like, yeah, we started ours Earth’s shift in lower densities and dimensions when watery Tiamat crushed it) and metaphorically (it is the travel over fluids – emotions – that brings new states of mind and existence). Now, we have a clue: Retro 6 of Swords says that we’ve reached the point where we are brave enough to face that turbulent waters of our Mind and Life, that we’ve once escaped for. Usually, and especially since new (c)age took its claws on humans' mind, people go like, “oh, I wanna face my fears, my traumas, so I will evolve”. And that is nice. Childishly cute. Also, not always tehnicaly possible because you reap a fruit when it’s mature, ready for it. You can try to do that before, but won’t get results, and if speaking of mind patterns – they will just repeat themselves, in the same or another outlook. But, when time is right, they resolve themselves: ok, with a little help of your conscious intention, but the point is – they are ready for healing cause Mind is ready to integrate it’s shadows parts, and get a fresh new structure. And, in 6 of swords reversed, it will do in most weird ways: it will (inspired by RetroMagus) create all sorts of delays, feelings of being mentally stuck and trapped, it will generate floods of emotional materials causing to feel overwhelmed. It can give rise to neurosis because of all sorts of change in plans and bring little chaoses, all to STOP YOU, AND MAKE YOU REACH FOR NEW KNOWLEDGE. LEARN. New language. Approaches. Attitudes. Cause shift to knew will open area in your Mind where is a solution for old blockage. Although it is not usual learning: here, you learn by turning your boat into troubled waters: at that period of life from which you distanced yourself cause they were hard to comprehend. At experiences that, while thinking about them, you feel restless or tortured; or just observe where in your body something alarms you and shows that kind of feelings. And then, you breathe into it: because our body is a copy of the celestial system. You can also help that patterns to resolve by learning and reading, but that is not to be done conventionally but with the great apply of your intuitional understanding. That is important to do because every little personal trauma dissolved – and it is dissolved by acknowledging what thought patterns and attitudes (swords) created it – brings up to dissolving of collective trauma.

What wounds are especially ready to be turned into medals, the show stars in 6 of swords: it falls in 2 Aquarius decan and there we find these: ARMUS, in Capricorn, has a Mars and Mercury nature, giving disagreeableness, contemptibleness, instability, shamelessness, nagging (Robson). So the first things to be healed and balanced here are those patterns and loser-like self opinions that we’ve formed when been exposed to all sorts of mental aggression, insults, and psychopathic tortures. We are ready to soar above that, as a society removing global mind conditioning from mind mafia and best way to start that as an individuals, is from cleaning our throat chakra more frequently – and specially during this transit – because Armus is on throat of Capricorn, and throat chakra is our firs celestial chakra, so when human mind is manipulated, it is done through entities patched on it. ​​ Another star in 2. Aquarius decan is ALNAIR in Grus: at the back heart chakra of Crane: it is a star that gives idealism, devotion, and active approach so when we are, with this aspect, hit with restlessness thoughts and panic, our first action should be palm laying onto this chakra and breathing, through palms in it, violet light. The third star here is SUALOCIN in Delphinius: it is the pineal gland of Delphinius, and it can help us to clean our emotional perception and all manipulation that happened with it through mass media, movie industry, etc.…

Now, Delphinius is the one, in mythology, who persuades Amphitrite to marry Poseidon/Neptune. Hindu astrology, Ptolomy, and Manilius agree that it gives a passion for travels through the sea, and we saw a picture of 6 of swords: it shows traveling through seas. Or dig deep into our emotional fields. Because all manipulations that happen, happen through vibrational implants in emotional level of aura: shadow rulers, when implanting mind with anything, use fear, anger… EMOTIONS. Oceans of emotions. So the average person thinks it decides for himself, which is actually not so: the one who decides is the entities and implants in his aura. But, luckily, we have some periods – like is now – especially auspicious for removing some of them. For instance those from emotional level aura in our 6 chakra (third eye): we can do that by breathing element of water (even from imagination or picture it works), but even better, if you have a river close to yourself, or any water (snow for instance, use that sky water now with it’s white crystals) breath it into your third eye and feel it spinning clockwise direction, reviving your vision of love and awakening new perception of your emotional relations. And that is what brings you true freedom of Mind: to operate with your vision and perception, not be operated from someone else’s agenda.

Magus Journey

Besides all that, in his Retro time, Magus (Mercury) – our Mind - will travel its path and meet on it some challenges: other Planets and Stars. At the January 14 it trines Jupiter and conjuncts Sun; and it is Peacock’s tail: Tarotically speaking, these are Magus, Wheel of Fortune and Sun – all great ONES (1) cause Magus wears a number 1, Wheel number 10 (symbol 1) and Sun number 19 (again, 1+9 = symbol 1) telling us it is actually great time to manifest some change.

So prepare yourself for it by writing WHAT DO YOU WANT, what is NEW SCENERY in your inside and outside life that you are heading to, or would like to. Written affirmations will have a tremendous impact on Mind, therefore life, at this time especially. And new visions will be bestowed since all of them meet in Peacock’s tail: we all know, peacock as animals are adored because of their tails, full of eyes. And Peacock star is a star of a thousand-eye giant Argus. He ended up in sky because Hermes (Mercury/Magus) killed him, on Zeus (Jupiter, Wheel of Fortune) order, so feminine Jupiter aspect – his wife Juno – put Argus in sky in the form of her bird known for its power to kill snakes and assimilate their venom which gave its flesh immunity to decay. That’s why these stars, among other things, give a long and vital life.

So, the sky is telling us to AFFIRM OUR VISIONS OF HEALTH MIND AND BODY, and to do so, write affirmations like “My whole system of the psyche is body automatically transmutes every poison in health substances” and nourish VISION of that frequently. Affirm your ability to always clearly see hidden things and peer through all games of mind and manipulation (cause Hermes killed that Giant because it tricked it and put it in sleep talking boring tales).

Then, at January 16, Magus comes at SULAPHAT in Lyra: woooohooo, he’s feeling great there! Now, lyra is a magical instrument that can enchant anyone and anything. It tames wild beasts, it turns ferocious enemies into peaceful friends, it can summon up dead souls… And Magus loves it cause he invented it when found on Nile’s shore an empty tortoiseshell. He put seven strings on it (for every planet/chakra one) and made an instrument who later help Orpheus to travel through the Underworld. And that is so important: stars tells us to work with sound. A lot of vibrational manipulation technology works with sound – primal materialization energy: every click you make has a sound, computer games, tv shows, movies….

We are immersed in the sea of sound, the ocean of vibrations that resonates. So logically a lot of mind manipulations come through that media: but Stars say – hey, use it for your good. Listen to mantras, choose wisely sounds, and breath golden light into 6 chakra’s dorsal aspect (where our reptile brain is, most sensitive to sound commands). So, sing your affirmations! Now, there is obvious healing of 6 chakra – both brain hemispheres with this Retro Magus – but how to ensure it will be grounded in our bodies and lives? Well, another tail (firs one was Peacock’s, remember?) shows that cause Magus at January 17 Magus comes to Dheneb, star in the tail of Eagle (Aquila), which gives the ability to command, liberality and success in war. Now we are talking! Knowing that the only war to be won is war over oneself with taming inner beasts and integrating demons and shadows, we are called by stars in this moment to COMMAND obedience of our all parts (reincarnation blueprints and forms and our all multidimensional forms) to OUR VISION OF LOVE HERE AND NOW, in our life.

And to anchor this vision in material reality, we need a tail. On the human body, the tail is our coccyx. It is the keeper of our energy, and it sends the vital energy through our spinal column to the brain. If our tail/coccyx is crushed – as it most of the time when we sit on a chair (change it and sit on pilates ball instead, to ensure constant flow of energy), fluids don’t come to brain and 6 chakra, what results in lower vision and total vulnerability to mass matrix manipulation. You see, why is it important to have a free tail? So breath In it and shake that ass to awaken energy! Stars are telling you to do so! And what else… Well, day after, at 18 January, Magus comes on Sheliak in Lyra (sing your visions more!). And fellow friends he meets on this journey are Uranus (20 January has a square with it) and Pluto, which he conjuncts on 22 January. These two days, well be extra carefully cause you know… Magus with Fool (Uranus) and Eon / Last Judgement (Pluto) can be a bit electric in mind: a lot of underground/under conscious materials awaken in this whole journey, so it is normal that pops up making you a bit neurotic, explosive and angry. But then, do what Fool does: go onto some fresh air and breath light into the brain and heart.

Cause, really, this all message of this Retro Magus journey is OPEN YOUR MIND. Get back rulership over YOUR EYE. Listen besides words – listen to what silence speaks to you, hear the energy – of people, news, situations… everything. And that is how you will be able to clearly see what is indeed yours: what are your goals for you, not ones that society or elites impose like “trendy wishes.” That’s how you will genuinely know what supports your life. And, most important, WHO YOU REALLY ARE, with what Earth task, dharma, to do here and now. So, use this star party right: travel with your Magus and open levels of perception that are locked inside your bones and DNA.

Sooo... this Star's Party DO&DON'T:

* Dance in the trumpet music and while dancing, practice to shake your tail. * Listen to nonconventional music, one you don't regularly listen (for putting you into the unknown territory of Mind) * Avoid alcohol and use herbs instead. * Eat a lot of watery vegetables. * Breath light on your tail and third eye. * Give extra tips to people who drive (cab drivers... etc.) because of Charon archetype: he is the most famous being for carrying souls over the water. * Stay immune to massive manipulation with your feelings and "seeings" of ghosts, departed souls, etc... by grounding your self (TAIL!!!) and clearing both 6 chakra aspects (front and back one) with a golden violet light you breathe in. * Write your thoughts and sing your affirmations. * Enjoy :*

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