Energy knows

When you want the truth- feel it, don't think about it. The mind, by its own nature, leads to analysis, and it is easy to get stuck. There are as many pros as there are cons, and there are so many causes and effects. At any moment, it is easy to get stuck, drained, and desperate. The truth still stays far away, somewhere in between those pros and cons. However, in physical reality, the truth is within us. It is within our body, our aura, and our atoms. We always know it as we can feel it, even though sometimes we are not consciously aware of it. Sometimes, on the other hand, we don't want to be conscious of it, nor do we know-how. So, here goes... whenever you want to know any truth, just relax your body and start with breathing exercises till you can get yourself into a state of pure calmness. Breathe as much as is needed and you can also relax in a warm bathtub with sea salt or take up any physical exercise such as jogging. The purpose of this is to let go of any tension or excess energy so that your energy flow becomes lighter and freer.

The conscious mind will naturally become broader and more sensitive, more attuned. Afterward, in this finely attuned and relaxed state, ask a question or release any dilemma by forming your item into a picture in your mind's eye (frontal center). Then release it to the Divine. Now, move your consciousness into your heart area and listen for any information. Now pay attention to any tingling sensations in your body. The collective information you receive is the answer intended for your purpose. The answers can come immediately, or overtime, but they will come. You must keep this conscious knowledge. Always trust yourself; throwing away any information or overanalyzing it is immature. It is as if you are aware that it will rain tomorrow, but you are dissatisfied with this, so you ignore the facts and get soaked in the rain or sick. Ok, there is always the possibility of a miracle, but you get my point. So- comfortable or uncomfortable- what does it matter? The truth sets us free, whatever it is. Be courageous enough to accept it or at least to hear it. There is a model of the classic affair or flirt dilemma, for which I will use a glaring example of how we are always aware of the truth. We do not have to be clairvoyant, nor uniquely endowed by spiritual gifts. We have our bodies, our senses, and our dreams, so we always know what we want and can awaken this. A woman, for instance, always intuitively knows, but maybe she is irrationally the one to find out the truth last. Every one of us, in every moment, knows what is happening with the people closest to us because we are connected through aura by thin threads through which these vibrations travel. I will give two examples, although I know that everyone has so many more to add to this list. My friend met a person for whom he felt a deep, internal connection. There was no sex nor dating to mention, only a three-hour-long exchange, which included a lot of mutual liking and flirtation. This was enough to get him going. The most intriguing thing was that his wife dreamt of the whole exchange between him and the other woman. She does not meditate, nor works on her aura or chakras. These experiences do not surprise as much since we can also observe the different changes in the frequency, fields, and other energetic and physical phenomena of the expanded collective consciousness. Another example: a friend of mine found her boyfriend's texts with another girl on Viber. This girl was flirting with him, and he was more than willing to reciprocate the affection. This was no violation- except for the dishonesty. In fact, it is clear that the man has the right to his own privacy and that he is allowed to do whatever he wants with his energy. However, when one is in a relationship- the other will feel betrayal, and it will be reflected in both of their lives. This is what happened to my friend; she usually doesn't dream, but at that time, each night, when he was texting, she had nightmares. And as much as she loves him, on those mornings (after his secret exchanges), she would wake up angry at him. As she is a person who does extensive work on herself, she thought that the problem was within her. She felt that her love for him triggered unresolved resentment she had for her father, or that her past life memories of when she was wounded were being cleared. She thought these were the reasons she had illogically felt anger for her boyfriend. She began overanalyzing and searching for all the bases.. but she could find any yet. That was until he left his phone at home, one day, and had asked her to search for a number. She had then, accidentally (so much for accidents), clicked on Viber and oops... She began to put the pieces of the puzzle together and got the absolute correspondence. This is a notable example because it shows that the Universe always shakes us awake with the truth. My friend didn't doubt her boyfriend, nor did she have doubts in their love- she was just questioning herself. She had learned a lot, but the point is that it is crucial to listen to yourself. We are not crazy, we are not making stories up. We know this when we look to our inner stillness and feel the messages and sensations in the aura and body. So, this is not the inner voice that we should listen to because there are many inner voices, but rather the inner Silence. It brings out our truth and pure intent. It is safe for us to be courageous and to trust ourselves, keeping in mind the laws of the Universe. 1. Nothing can be hidden, we communicate with our auras, not with words. Trust yourselves. 2. What goes around will come back because everything is intended for balance; if we hide something, the truth will also evade us. It is noble to be conscious of your own deeds and their consequences. 3. Be honest and open, to yourselves and to others. Say your needs, to yourselves and others, openly and loudly. Live your truths in praxis, not just in theory, because this goes to show how truly awake you are. Pretense from cowardice or fear only holds you back. It is essential to living in one's own virtue.

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