I am the State

Why wouldn't we take the French king Louis XIV’s statement literally --the one he is credited with by the historians (alluding to his dissolute autocracy)? Because it is, as a matter of fact- right. Each and every one of us is his or her own State: otherwise, we become slaves of what is generally considered to be a state.

Let’s start from the beginning: a state, in the form, as we know it (or imagine it to be), should be a community of people gathered within a territory. In this community, different roles are assigned for the highest good of all people. Some bake, some cook, some paint, some heal, some dig- and some are trusted with keeping the whole orchestra together with the intent to make everything work as effectively as possible, and for the greater good and progress of all people. At least, that’s how it should be. This idea has been reiterated, not just since the so-called “awakening of humanity” in recent years, but throughout history. One of the world’s most influential political theorists, Jean Jacques Rousseau, in his major work “The Social Contract” also describes a state based on these principles. Like many other great men, he was also aware that this kind of heaven on Earth was hard to achieve because of human weakness, which is also the reason why some of his contemporaries considered the idea of a happy state to be utopian. However, the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant states that the fact that an ideal is unachievable doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t try to attain it. Weakness and obstacles will always arise, but progress and awareness will make their surpassing possible. Yes, progress and awareness. But, as we all can see, they don’t appear as widespread at the level of society. And it doesn’t seem this is going to change any time soon. The reason is that awareness is not a pizza; a person can just order. Instead, it is the result of a repeated and dedicated search for truth within the inner realms of the self-based on: the reassessment of the given setup, contemplation of the stated arguments, and a rigorous critical view of the outside data by cross-checking them with our own point of view. The reality is that most people don’t have their own point of view. Yes, the “state” has taken care of these things by orchestrating its control in all corners of the planet. And consequently, step by step, an invisible tyranny and massive death of the intellect begin. Everyone expects something from the state, some outside miracle that will turn the world and people’s consciousness upside down, as if by a decree. But it won’t happen like this. In fact, it will in a way-- there's a very high probability that we are moving toward establishing a unified world order which, while hiding behind the mask of spirituality and noble global intentions, will continue exploiting and subjugating people to an extent we cannot even imagine (much like the TV series V (Visitors). Can this change? Chances are slim, but as long as a single particle of possibility exists, so does a whole universe of realization. This particle, in society, are those who get it. Those who have a critical view of things, see behind the curtain and are able to distinguish a pack of lies coming from the stage. Those who know the prison around them, although it has no visible bars. Those are the ones who know that, actually, we are the state. We, all together, make up this group of people, which we then call a state. The thing that we consider to be a state should, in fact, be an administrative apparatus working for the good of all mankind. But unfortunately, that’s not the case: the machinery that we perceive all around the planet functions only as a destroyer of the moral, mental, emotional, and human spiritual qualities. This kind of massive operation tells us that, standing behind all of this, we find a well-organized system of control and oppression of the mind (and of the body- through loans, toxins in the food, etc.). Further, this only points to the fact that nobody outside ourselves and nobody but ourselves is going to establish any “order” in the physical world. There is no president, government, or political party that will do the job but us. This is so because everyone who enters this system, including those with the most honorable intentions, gets poisoned. It could be compared to entering a swamp in a white dress or swimming amongst sharks with the intention of converting them. It’s a terrible illusion. It is like starting a new eating regimen yet still eating the same old food at the same old restaurants. No way! You won’t find steamed broccoli at a barbecue stand, forget about it!!! The only way to get out of this is to set up a new system. And every system, just as every house, is built on foundations. And, as we already know, we ate at the foundations of a state. Every individual in his or her own right. All of us, then, together make up a community. Individually conscious, we also make up a conscious community. All as One- for the One, and this One being harmony. Harmony of individuality and diversity, in which some work from 9 to 5 during the daytime, some during nighttime, some drink, some smoke pot, some meditate, and in which each person acts according to his or her own insights rising from the depths of the Self. Not those imposed from the outside world, but those experienced from the inside. The key here is the insight. Now, I’m sick and tired of the phrase: “the awakening of consciousness”, which is already so worn-out. There are tons of people out there who are convinced that they have “awakened” and that they are “conscious”, while in truth they just circulate pieces of information and are, just as parrots, repeating concepts that they don’t really understand within themselves (because they never question them, just replicate them). As if it were enough to become “a conscious being by merely using words like “soul,” “karma,” “patterns,” “consciousness,” “past lives,” “spiritual.”” At the same time, they never question, even for a second, what a soul actually is. What does this mean?… Similarly, the whole new (c)age movement, seemingly offering an overflow of techniques for “awakening,”- actually becomes a case of mass-hypnosis. The truth is that the only real awakening takes place at the exact moment you start asking yourself WHY at the moment you begin to think when you take a critical view of things when you can observe the “pros” and “cons” of an item at the same time. That’s why sometimes the experience of depression, pressure, or heaviness in the ether becomes a- BLESSING, making it possibly the most potent portal towards real awakening and true insight- the one of the self, self-awareness and about who I am. Because sadness, depression, and despair force us to rethink, reexamine, and possibly lead us back to ourselves, back to our authentic quality. Authenticity. Our own source. To that which makes us unique manifestations of the One. It that respect sadness and depression become common signs that we have lost touch with our own source. That we have lost touch with who we really are. It’s true that not all of us work from 9 to 5, we are not the same, but all of us share the sameness, although we are different. And that’s where our beauty lies- in finding our own uniqueness. This is the key that initiates the building of our own state, in other words, our Self as the state. What is more, that state is actually mapped out in the human body, and it has its sectors. For example, the ministry of defense is our liver: our liver is like a prominent general that decides what he wants. The liver has a vision, and gall-bladder is its army that knows how to accomplish it. Or, for example, the ministry of culture is our heart. It is the one who carries our god consciousness and is the home of inspiration. And so on.. Only when we, individually, become aware of our inner self by working on ourselves diligently and regularly, only then can we say that we entirely or partially govern our own state with full sovereignty-- in other words, that we are ruling our own body. An example of this is a quick check- how does your spleen feel at this moment, and what message is it sending you? Besides our body, there’s also the mind… with its numerous levels, which are worth getting acquainted with, worth becoming aware of through our experience... both the shiny ones and those that we can see as well as the shady ones, the hidden ones. No doubt that this is a heroic task. But when completed, the person is integrated, whole: their own personal state is complete. And only then, ONLY THEN, we can say that one individual like that, and the second one and the fifth one… the hundredth one… the millionth one can form THAT KIND OF COMMUNITY. The community of conscious individuals. That’s how you create a real Government, an authentic one. The one that doesn’t need political parties, signatures, slow, and expensive procedures… representatives of the ego… Instead, every person becomes a representative of their Self, the Self, their own truth- the truth about the necessity to contribute to the community with their own authenticity. This community being the one where we, as members of the tribe, are naturally, spontaneously and energetically connected in a mission whose goal is to achieve harmony, to which every person contributes with their own diversity. Just as a specific combination of ingredients and spices make up a great soup. Everything else is a waste of time: campaigns, gatherings, elections… masturbation of the complex-ridden ego...and a new episode of self-hypnosis on the subject pseudo freedom. And if we really need a party as a frame that provides guidance for our actions, as something to direct us, ok let’s form one. Let’s name it the party of the HEART. Because our heart is the center of our god consciousness, and it always knows what’s right because the enlightened heart is wise. It can be foolish, but not dumb. The heart knows. Inspires. Is compassionate. Wants to create. It knows how to accept and understand. We can continue to play games with our minds about what HEARTS actually stands for. But ok, let’s say that HEARTS holds for building a world where Each Republic Reigns Autonomously. That means that we, at an individual level, act as our own republic, govern with conscious sovereignty over ourselves, and act according to our own Self. Thus setting the whole Earth in motion, encouraging the entire Earth to respond by activating numerous republics of the planet. Or, we could claim that HEARTS means that the Self is Working with Integral Alchemy. As we can see, it’s possible to continue playing this game, but it’s not about the game or the ego. It’s about our own dedication to creating the world, which may stand a chance. I say maybe because we have to be honest and admit that the terrain is slippery and dangerous. Earth has, for a long time, been under a reign of mighty and intelligent forces. They appear as a cunning Saruman, while we move around with our attitude of merry Hobbits who believe they’re entering an adventure but actually neither have a sense of its proportion or know its end. However, there’s a possibility of receiving help from the outside. If the so-called negative alien civilizations have set up the current system on Earth and are reigning sovereignly over it, there is also a possibility of an existing counter-position, according to which a natural interchange of yin and yang will occur. It’s going to be led by the opposite forces, but not with the aim of initiating a war or achieving predominance, but with the aim of establishing a new system of balance. And the pioneers of this change on the planet are we. We know that it’s not easy to be a pioneer, so don’t be upset. It just means that you belong to a minority, that you’re a forerunner. It means to plant a seed and then watch it grow. To set a particle in motion and then let it gain momentum. To give your 100 percent in order to establish your own authentic state and then spicing it with a grain of optimism. But not the crazy type of self-hypnotic delusion of the following kind: “the aliens will land and then save us” or “there are three parallel Earths, so we'll get saved by some miracle and taken somewhere else”. No, noooooooooo, instead we should be brutally realistic in our assessment. With due care and respect, of course, but in an objective and honest way. That’s the only way to really get to know yourself, your shadows, and strengths. To accomplish the complete integration of your being. Establish the government/(state) of the Self that is complete. When it comes to the level of society, who knows… it’s up to us to pass the baton of knowledge wisely. In this way, we are forming the so-called shadow government. Funny, huh?-- The government of light as a shadow government… it’s interesting- this game of twists and turns, of yin and yang. Anyway, that government, the authority that we form through our HEARTS, the part(y) of the heart, isn’t very formal- it isn’t the one we gather signatures for, we demonstrate for in the streets, something we pump our egos with and throw campaigns for. We don’t need any media or money in order to sustain it, but a more precious thing- energy: the energy of our heart, to dare jumping into our own inner self and to get to know ourselves, that is, who we are and why we are here, what we really want and how to achieve this in accordance with god’s will. This is something we experience every moment. We don’t need the tax-payers money to do that, signatures, stamps, candidatures, or ceremonies. That’s what the ego needs. WE., on the other hand, need only one thing: a lovely MIRROR. A mirror which we’ll use every morning and every evening and look into it and see how we’ve acted during the day when it comes to our own sovereignty: where we’ve erred, where we’ve given all we could, where we can provide more, where we should give less… Where we’ll say to ourselves, “I love you” and all things necessary so that the person in the mirror gets more in tune with the Self, get enough light, becomes aware, and truly awakens. Only then we can expect that some outside miracle will assist us in our endeavors. Even if there was an intervention plan for Earth, coming from alien civilizations, to overthrow the current system… they’ll not be activated by our babbling and prayers. The only action counts. And not in the form of banners and megaphones on the streets or on fakebook, but by Activating oneSelf- through the Acts of the Self. Because that’s how you gather torches and create an invisible but strong network of those who are Ready. And they, in turn, attract and insists on outside support. But before this has been achieved- nothing will happen. It’ll just remain as a scenario belonging to only one world government ruling over enslaved lazybones, who are still waiting for some instant solution, and who still continue to live as slaves. Living like dead corpses, vegetating as robots in the current technocratic plan of social development. Their finger cushions (by the way, one of the main energetical transmitters carrying the picture of the embodied identity) are glued to their tablets, and they don’t even know what to do without the internet… they don’t know what it means to take a guitar and sing, their whole world is online… I know… what a disaster, but at the same time also an opportunity. Those who don’t want this for themselves or their children will naturally snap out of it- find herbalist doctors, start learning about medicinal herbs, find private daycare centers that teach meditation and breathing exercises, and encourage the individual expression of creativity… And so on in every sector of life. Those people will connect, and a network will be created. Those who want to live from the HEART will find each other and thus create the society of the Heart on the planet. A community where Consciousness, Diversity, Completeness, and Authenticity are the primary laws of existence.

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