The Return Home

Your home is in eternity, in silence... returning to it, you return to yourself. Escape to your quietness There you will find Tranquillity

In peace, there is all knowledge and all the answers you need

You know it all The Divine You Rests in your inner realms Reach for them, and yours is the truth Not so it could be taken out Spoken of Or used as an ego boost With false spiritual badges It is there so you can hear your truth To receive its advice And to be surer than a rock of your path and the footsteps along with it Silence your mind Be offline for a while For some time in the day Out of all the mental noise The chatter, information or communication Go to the woods, the bath or for a walk Or just rest a while With eyes closed So you can relax and recuperate Because of the mind tires Remember that only silence will comfort embrace, guide comfort and lighten you Do not throw it away lightly, For the colorful outside world Nothing is happening on fakebook It's all an illusion Likes, shares, and comments Copying and recycling It is all the same old tedious animation Of the mental hungry... new, new, new Instant stories An original nothingness The truth is eternal and present From the beginning of time There is only one new constant Always fresh It is me, Your Silence Where is your renewed peace? The infinite knowledge and ancestry embrace your pristine...

COPYRIGHTS: DESIGN: Dea Devidas 2010. - 2020.

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