When you start appreciating yourself, it means that you begin appreciating your every atom- of your time, energy, personality. That doesn’t mean that you are conceited or selfish, quite the opposite, it means that you live with an attitude of thankfulness towards Creation and towards yourself as a unique expression of that same Creation.

Self-respect is a natural step on the path of self-awareness. Actually, Meeting Yourself, known as “working on yourself” is a lifelong process. It isn’t something that you work on for just a period of time- with a little help from a few books, courses, or workshops. Even though the external triggers are valuable initiators of the need to get to know yourself, this is a continuous work, as, for example, brushing your teeth is. Anyway, the key phase- a turning point of a kind in the whole process is the moment of insight when it dawns merely on you that you are worthy. Not in an overbearing but rather in a more authentic way- you realize that not a new Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Teresa has been created in Life but you, the one and only and unique in your own incarnation. It’s true that your soul had gone through many journeys and that there are more yet to come, but in this specific form in which you exist right now, with this personality, with all of your personal traits (virtues and so-called faults), you are unique and perfect just as you are. Perfect because everyone, LITERALLY EVERYONE, precisely as they are, perfectly fits into the current puzzle of life. In that respect, each and every one of your faults is perfect since it is the initiator of your personal development. Anyway, when this insight slowly starts to emerge from within, changes start happening. The fact is that it takes a long time for this insight to emerge. In fact, it often needs some pulling from the outside for it to appear. That is so because many people have chosen the system of learning based on the principle of negative definition: that means that they learn by first experiencing what they don’t want, through some unpleasant experiences, and then based upon these they create a picture of what they wish to (only as a negation of the former one). For example, someone has barely survived marriage with a possessive-aggressive man and has a clear picture of what they do not want, but also what they do want- for instance, an open and gentleman by their side. On the whole, circumstances give rise to the insight into one’s own sense of self-worth. For some in a brutal and for some in a gentler way. Some people live through years of slave-like relationships with the world, mostly because of their own personal attitude of unworthiness as well as the accompanying karma and life lessons. The phase of Existence that we’re living in right now has, as we already know, intensified. That means that those who have started on the Path of Self-Encounters end up, more often than not, in situations demanding explicit decision- to value the Self or not. And it would have been easy if it were a matter of simple theory. But it’s not. Because appreciating yourself is not just a spiritual principle. It is a way of life and, in fact, your conviction that this so becomes obvious in a very concrete way- in practical situations. This means that the person who becomes aware of self-appreciation as a necessary and needed step will be faced with life situations and will encounter people, that force them to take action: either according to the old principle, where the person was an unaware victim of circumstances or in a new way, where the person radically rejects their old pattern of behavior. In that sense, turbulent times are ahead of us. All those people who have even slightly posed a threat to our own self-worth will simply fall off. Do not fear, though, also if it turns out that these people are your closest co-workers or friends. This is a normal phase in the process of complete maturing. And what is it about actually? People are inclined to restrain themselves and have all kinds of motives for doing that. Mostly out of fear of rejection as well as out of lack of initial love, based on which they start “buying” it from the outside by agreeing on a compromise that would please others. These and other similar patterns arise from the following unconscious belief: “I am not good enough and worthy of love”. Not daring to express what they want and how they want it, again based on not wanting to hurt or lose others, can even lead to inhibiting the development of the self. In this chaos, they simply lose themselves. However, a good thing in all of this is that it’s impossible to suppress or lose the Self in the long run. It’s there, lurking in the shadows, and if needed, it will arrange the biggest drama of one´s life only to make the person recall its own Self. In that respect, someone can spend numerous lives learning about how life is when you don’t appreciate yourself, but they will, sooner or later, come to the point where they have to abandon this behavior and realize their own self-worth. Evaluate how much each and every experience they have gone through is worth, even the painful ones, every thought, even the stupid ones, as well as realizing the fact that they are alive. And consequently, they will stop fu**ing themselves up, and in doing so, they’ll even stop letting others in their surroundings to bug them. Of course, all of those people riding a person’s back get up on their hind legs when yesterday´s victim starts to rise in rebellion and refuses to be a slave anymore. They start hunting down the victim in every possible way. Naturally, all of this happens in a very subtle way- emotional blackmail is the “gentlest” type of them all, followed by fear manipulations, financial and/or even physical threats along with other methods of intimidation. The common underlying factor is always the mechanism of inducing fear. All of this gets even more intensive right now: on Earth, there are many people that have started to wake up and clean the old slave-like patterns in their consciousness and at the same time in their lives. And it doesn’t matter if these patterns are connected to our lovers or employers. The good news is that this cleaning actually leads to crystal transparent relationships, explicitness, and straightforwardness that is without equal. Less good news is that it’s a process… well, you already know how the cleaning process of a clogged toilet looks like… nasty. But just because it’s difficult and dramatic doesn’t mean that you should withdraw and return to your old ways. No, it is vital to courageously go through this because it is a healing process. Especially now when the solar system, known as the Solar Plexus Chakra in the human body, is getting released collectively on Gaia. The affected areas in the physical body are the stomach, spleen, and liver and in the auric body, the solar plexus, where the patterns and beliefs connected to disrespecting oneself are reflected. In everyday life, this is manifested through, for example, being underpaid and the accompanying non-expression of oneself (because the throat chakra or the creative-professional part of ourselves is connected with and reflected in the solar one). Anyway, the point is that certain types of material are getting released, and they will continue to do so even more. At the same time, you can support the whole process by becoming aware and understanding the psychological mechanisms which have caused that you, for instance, are aware of your own self-worth, but somehow you don’t manage to realize that. For example, you discover a crucial lack of parental support in this life, or a suicide because of a false accusation in a previous one. It doesn’t matter. Keep in mind, awareness, and insights can lead to complete healing, like a light that is on in a dark room. One fact remains, though, to clean the darkroom, you need a broom. And this cleaning broom is Consciousness applied through Breath. So, take up self-cleaning! Our magical broom is, in this case, silver and white shining light. Practice by inhaling it through the solar plexus and then with an exhale store it throughout the whole body and in your aura. Do this for ten minutes. And then the other way around, inhale through the crown of your head and the soles of your feet and then with an exhale store it in your solar plexus. The feeling of cleanness will help you return to the Self and to respect your criteria since the criteria are the key here. Every person has his or her own, and they need to be respected. Freedom is allowed, but only if the essential criteria are met. In other words, basic standards can, for example, be that the man you would like to have in your life has to be polite, caring, compassionate… All the other men who aren’t like that don’t meet the criteria and fall off automatically at the start. And if the criteria are met- then everything is allowed, meaning that it doesn’t matter if he’s blond or black-haired. Bear in mind, though, that respecting yourself means that there's no compromise. People often make a mistake and mix it up with narrow-mindedness. That’s wrong: to be narrow-minded and to be true to yourself are two different things. Being true to yourself means respecting yourself and sticking to your criteria, while at the same time letting the diversity of variables to express themselves. To be conventional means not allowing anything but the existence of your own standards and consequently becoming aggressively egoistic. Many people make a mistake by claiming that this equals to loving yourself, but this is not the case here. To love yourself actually means to Accept yourSelf (yes, and your virtues) as well as to Respect yourSelf. That kind of training is ahead of humanity. All the booming that you’re witnessing right now reflects the cleaning of this principle. In that respect, slapping your husband's lover in the face can be a healing gesture, but ultimately there’s no need to go these lengths to materialize it: healthy self-respect rarely ends up in this kind of a lesson. It’s true, though, that the soul has to go through its lessons, but the story is, nevertheless, subject to change. Accept those situations that have already materialized and let them go, without regret- because cleaning implies the destruction of the old, so that on healthy foundations, a new healthy structure can emerge: a self-respecting one.

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