Eclipsing for Enlightening

If you are able to leave your prisons, despite fear and pain...

If you manage to bend your stiffness... let it fall, or even break that which is fixed and seemingly safe...

If you can be in danger and behave like a hero, not a coward...

If you are ready to sacrifice a flower, you love for a later new garden in a completely new terrain...

Then you can thrive from those energies" – say 8 OF SWORDS, KING OF SWORDS and 5 OF SWORDS when I ask Tarot which vibration, consciousness, attitude make us profit from the super-hectic frequencies of the July.

Yes, this is not easy at all. All swords here. Swords are a weapon. They inflict pain. You kill with them; these are the blades and scissors that can hurt you if you are not carefull. But also with whom you can operate.

That's all that breaks you in the body, the thoughts that bother you, words that hurt, fears that cuts your ability to create and move. Those are claws pierced into your heart. Of someone you attracted in life because of hidden self-destructive patterns you have. Those are autodestructive patterns.

But they are - cards say - the key to healing and tapping a new path this month. Of course, blades should be cautiously handled. Now is the time to get rid of those that hurt you. You hold them, even unconsciously, because somehow you build on your ego, apparent security. But they're actually a prison. Reduce them with conscious work and will.

Otherwise, it will decrease itself, through pain in the physical body. It's like that saying about if you want to climb on a mountain, you need a little load - so throw what you don't need to succeed. Do not turn your head and intellectualize things: where everything works perfectly and "can not be removed even a millimeter because everything is complex right", there will be a change. So, it is better for you if you hit it first, not waiting life to do it for you.

And if it strikes you anyway, even if you are flexible in life, you will handle that with more grace if you see yourself as a conscious chooser of attitude in certain situations. In some danger, you can perceive yourself as a victim – that will hurt more and bring the possibility of hurting yourself further. Or you can see yourself as a warrior in a storm. Observe pains, dangers, and problems objectively, but remain detached because only from the peace you can come up with a smart exit strategy.

It's a period of polishing the blades – those with whom you are cutting excesses, or life does it for you. It sometimes brakes your most favorite flower on the field, only because it is the time for new ways and area in your life. Life brings that to move you in new directions, to push you there. In your new growth. It doesn't mean you should hurry to crash old or forge new adventures. But if it comes as a part of a flow, you go. Despite fear. Wisely, taking care of your body in those spins. You take care of your body because when you pull out the knife from some wound, it bleeds and you can't keep running immediately. But have to stop, heal it and wait for a new wave that follows.

AstroTarot July

July starts fiercely, with the complete eclipse of Sun in Cancer, 2.7. which brings new force in the area where we feel utterly safe and which we perceive as our home and root place.

The day later, July 3, moment to embrace Venus's mother energy entering Cancer, is an optimum day for the healing of what lasts a long time, especially in the area of family and parental relationships.

Then, July 8, Mercury moves back and forth to connect with Mars: that is, the Tower and the Magus, the explosion of mind and words. So be careful not to hurt someone, also protect yourself from other verbal punches. Act you’re your instinctual body wisdom and hara, because this is when knowledge of the instinct dominates.

Then 9.7. Chiron in Aries goes retrograde, enabling us to turn inward and heal where do we feel inadequate - insufficiently good, beautiful, clever. To again pull out some wound blades, by turning in. The same day, the conjuction of the Sun and the North Node in opposition with the Saturn and the South Node... Opportunity to become aware of relationships, attitudes and areas in which our energy is scattered by conflict, where we run our true soul's flowers to show society as fake stars. Where are we cold and rigid to ourselves, and we should stop and embrace their rich petals instead of self-proclaiming because some weird internal critic says so.

Two days later, July 11th, Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus... When the madman enters the tower, and with a frantic laugh he ruins it to the ground, throwing through the window diamonds while the crazy song, saying it is time to put the cross on the old heartbeats because they are new joy in front of us. Dismantling the stability is painful, and how to believe the fool about the beautiful new way he promises? Stay zen, in the bath, in the sea ... to relieve the mighty, unpredictable power that comes in abruptly as an earthquake which shakes to the ground.

Then 14 July, the opposition of the Sun in Cancer with Pluto in Capricorn... a new identity crisis, as an opportunity for the mind switch from victim to warrior. When in a moment you remember that maybe everything you can choose - is a choice of your perspective and attitude.

Then 16.7. The Eclipse of Moon in Capricorn (in opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, a conjuncting Saturn, and Pluto). It's that pierced rose that yells to us, so we can address what is hurting her. With the last scream, she says, "get away from the aggressor." Or "kill your aggressor - fear, way of thinking or all these manifested in person or relationship that kills your beauty. Although tired and shaken, we handle this with some raw power and willingness to survive - that's when we pull from the edge of the force the last step to finally settle down with the things that cure our beauty as a measure of a new adaptation in life.

Then, 19.7. The retrograde Mercury returns to Cancer, we pull our scissors and clasps to the inner world, to evaluate the new state.

Later, 21.7. The new challenge comes – Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn... All paths and actions that springs from immature fantasies, lazy hedonistic wishes... will be cut off. The higher purpose of soul work is what the universe supports; those paths are open. Everything else collapses. The same day, a conjunction of Mercury and Sun in Cancer, as a blessing of insight about right rhythm and movement.

A day later, 22.7., Sun enters Leo. Our heart, renewed in alchemical process springs out from cauldron and new cups of beauty surround us, in the form of a new relationship, people and job directions.

Then, 28.7., Venus comes in Leo and awakens pure heart's beauty, the real perfume comes from our life and soul. It finishes the July, together with Sun – Uranus square day later, 29.7., when we can look in our eyes and see how much is polished our ego and what is our genuine diamond our base for building our business.

Tao Tarot July

The main gift of July is knowing where we cut ourselves. In which fears we dwell frozen, with self-destruction as a result. And final force to cut that off. At the end of it all, the primary awareness here is that intelligent person lives joyously and grateful whatever outer circumstances are. It has a joy that comes from a fundamental understanding that a person never achieves contentment from outside. Awareness that desires always, even when fulfilled, lead to tears.

Understanding the nature of desires, intelligent one renounces them, which makes him able to be untouched with shakes of life. Those energies lead to the breaking of mind in us. So much quick and intense switches... life forces everyone to be here&now, to be in meditation. And meditation is detachment from desires, thoughts, all mind. Moment of relaxation which awakens the power of eternity in person. Erasing the level of mind which is no longer needed – old desires from fears especially.

This way, it shows what really you need to grow, not as a fantasy but as a reflection of your nature. What is in store to spring out from you so you can get in that new flow and make a real abundance from it.

Vast and intense times and everyone will pass that in its own individual scenario: If you want your personalized Tarot insights for the month, DM me, or write on

You can ask about a month ahead whatever intrigues you or you sense it is essential.

* Classic month reading answers those:·

* The main event for you this month·

The main strength for you to operate with·

Main weakness to avoid and process·

What life supports me to create for my long term well.

You can combine it, or ad some questions that come from collective July energies, like:

* What should I cut of my life?

* What is my main mind prison I am not aware of and it's time to pull it out of my unconscious level?

* Which my rose /value should I protect?

* Where – in which area and mindset – is best for me to root my security in?

* What is my core diamond with which I should operate for my bizz wealth?

* What save from ruin, and to what should I say goodbye?

* Which is my new life-business creative path for my greatest spiritual and material wealth?

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And... enjoy!

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