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As you can see, It is my little cards playground - I call it the throne because when you work with cards, you really start to sense that great gift they give you. By opening new layers of perception, they can help you to recognize your weaknesses and strength. With that, you get immense power to operate with it, therefore truly create and destroy in yourself and your life what you find right. Suitable to your nature, mission, soul's rhythm. Call it what you want. But the best you. And best you is royal you, therefore - kingdom you deserve. 
Yes, you can really have your throne, every awakened person has one. And Tarot wakes better than anyone. Only if you listen silently and watch closely what it says and shows to you. 
On these pages are some of the excerpts of my talkings with cards of life... so, I hope you will enjoy it! 

 When is the right time to go in a particular direction, and when to stop? What to do to lift up a money flow? How are the possibilities of getting married to a current partner? What is my best next step, and where, to solve a complicated mess of a present life-situation? What are my key reincarnations, lessons, alien forms... are only some of the questions to cast upon with Tarot, most honest, wisest, and straightforward consultant one can ask for. 

Tarot is powerful because it speaks with the Language of Eternity - symbols and pictures - signs of Truth Knowledge who, through all&long history of Tarot, no system or dogma managed to manipulate. That is why it doesn't lie: if you wanna truth, he will answer on all questions you cast. 
It is made from 78 cards, 22 of them called Trumps or Big Secrets (Atus), and 56 of Pips or Little Secrets. Traditionally, Big Secrets represent the transformative Path of a personal consciousness and phases of life connected with it. Little Secrets, t...

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